Best Prismatic Titan Build In Destiny 2 for PvE and PvP

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Destiny 2 Prismatic Titan Build for The Final Shape is here, and you can get ready for the endgame!

Destiny 2 Best Prismatic Titan Build

Key Takeaways:

  • In this article, you will find the three best Prismatic Titan builds for Destiny 2: The Final Shape.
  • The first build is an ability spam one, which is great for just having fun
  • The second build is a fantastic choice for endgame content like GM Nightfalls and more
  • The third build is incredible for PvP, using all the best Titan abilities

The upcoming expansion for Destiny 2 has readied many intriguing things for us. Players will not only be able to dive into exploring new Exotics but also try out a fresh subclass that incorporates the best elements from others. We’ve already detailed it in the Prismatic guide, and now we’ve decided to discuss the best Prismatic Titan build in The Final Shape! With the introduction of Exotic Class Items, many interesting combinations have emerged, which we will discuss right now.

So, let’s sit down and take a look at what you can do with this subclass!

Best Prismatic Titan PvE Build

Best Prismatic Titan PvE Build

Thanks to the Exotic Class Item and Prismatic Fragments, this build allows you to use Consecration and other abilities constantly.

The key components in the best Prismatic Titan build for dungeons are the Frenzied Blade Melee, which has three charges, and the Consecration Aspect, which turns your melee into a unique slide ability that first scorches enemies and then ignites them. This combination alone allows you to use Consecration three times in a row, which is undeniably fun. Additionally, add the Knockout Aspect to improve your survivability. This aspect will start health regeneration upon a Melee final blow and increase Melee damage after breaking a shield or dealing damage to a low HP enemy.

Using three Consecration Melee is, of course, fun, but then you’ll need to restore them for a long time. This problem on the best Prismatic Titan build for Episode Echoes is easily solved with an Exotic Class Item with the right perks. Most importantly, the Spirit of Inmost Light improves the regeneration of the other two abilities when using one. If you’re not lucky with Exotic Marks, you can comfortably use the regular Heart of Inmost Light, which also increases Grenade and Melee damage. In the fourth column, Spirit of Contact or Synthoceps are noteworthy, as they both enhance your Consecration.

If you want to use your Melee as often as possible in this Prismatic Titan build for Destiny 2 PvE, definitely consider the Monte Carlo Exotic Auto Rifle. If you’re not particularly a fan of this weapon, or you don’t have it, guns with the Pugilist trait will also be suitable for this purpose.

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Best Prismatic Titan Support Build

Best Prismatic Titan Build The Final Shape

If the previous top Prismatic Titan build for PvE is more focused on fun gameplay, which becomes less effective in more challenging content, this one, on the contrary. It will show its best in Master and Grandmaster activities, especially when playing with a fireteam. The essence of this build lies in constant crowd control thanks to the Suspend debuff and protecting yourself and your allies with the new Unbreakable Aspect.

Let’s start with Exotics in this best Prismatic Titan Raid build. Drengr’s Lash, combined with the Spirit of the Abeyant Exotic Class Item, will help you constantly suspend enemies, as your barricade will release three Suspend Lashes forward. Of course, you can also use the Shackle Grenade for these purposes, but it’ll be helpful in activating the Unbreakable Aspect. It consumes your Grenade energy to create a Void Front Shield, which absorbs damage and, upon deactivation, deals damage to enemies in front of you.

If you want to enhance the Unbreakable Aspect, we are ready to offer several ways to do it:

Although Spirit of the Scars does not synergize with Aspects, we cannot help but recommend this perk. It will grant you Restoration for final blows with weapons that have a damage type matching your Super’s element, which will easily increase your survivability in any content.

Best Prismatic Titan PvP Build

Best Prismatic Titan PvP Build

The best Prismatic Titan build for Destiny 2 PvP will easily replace Solar Titan PvP builds, as in addition to Consecration, it has other excellent abilities that will give you an advantage over your opponents.

As in the case of the Melee PvE build, here you’ll use the combination of Consecration and Frenzied Blade, giving you three unique slide abilities. In addition to this, equip Drengr’s Lash with Thruster. Thanks to this combination, your Class ability will leave a Suspending Tangle behind, immediately exploding and making nearby enemies vulnerable, which is a great addition to this best Prismatic Titan build for Trials of Osiris.

Unfortunately, we cannot recommend an Exotic Mark for PvP, as it lacks decent perks in the fourth column. Fortunately, Titans always have worthy Exotics like Dunemarchers and Peacekeepers. The former increases your sprint speed and gives you the Linear Actuators buff, which causes additional Arc damage to enemies around you after a melee hit. Peacekeepers will be more appealing to SMG lovers, as they provide enhanced movement and handling when using them.

Destiny 2 Best Prismatic Titan Build Final Words

Now, you are ready to make the best Prismatic Titan endgame build for any desired activity. If you want to prepare your loadouts for other subclasses, we recommend the best Titan build in Destiny 2 article. Do you need Prismatic Warlock or Prismatic Hunter builds? Well, we’ve already made them, and you can try them out too! Remember, if you have problems upgrading Prismatic or getting Exotic Items, you can use The Final Shape carries to get everything done!

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