Ultimate Guide to the Best Heavy Weapons in Destiny 2

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Best Heavy Weapons Destiny 2

One day, you’ll venture into intense missions with your friends where your gear can make the difference between victory or successfully completing the activity. Best Heavy Weapons in Destiny 2 are one of the key aspects when creating the perfect loadout, as they significantly influence the success of DPS Phases. We’ve previously discussed the best Pulse Rifles, Sidearms, Sniper Rifles, Shotguns, Bows, and other guns. Now it’s time to tackle the third slot. Prepare for an adventure because we’re off to farm loot!



Let’s start our article with the most famous gear in Destiny 2 — the Gjallarhorn. Ask any player of this MMO shooter, and they’ll tell you they know this Rocket Launcher, and it’s incredibly useful. The primary features are Wolfpack Rounds and Pack Hunter. The former makes your rocket split into mini-rockets that deal additional damage. Moreover, Pack Hunter grants Wolfpack to your teammates, which is handy in Raids and Dungeons. In every sense, it’s the Best Rocket Launcher in Destiny 2.

Sleeper Simulant

Sleeper Simulant

Suppose you need a powerful weapon dealing substantial damage that is effective at long ranges. In that case, the Sleeper Simulant is for you. But there’s one catch to using Sleeper Simulant: you absolutely need to acquire its Catalyst. In a separate article, we explained why the Sleeper Simulant + Catalyst is a must-have, mainly because this Linear Fusion Rifle fires much faster.



Another fantastic Exotic to have on hand for any boss fights is the Thunderlord. It’s a powerful and almost the best Machine Gun in Destiny 2, effective against all enemy types (Bosses, Majors, combatants, etc.), during clear-outs, and can even stun Overload Champions. Thunderlord’s unique feature is Lightning Strikes, triggered by Final Blows or continuous rapid hits. This second feature is particularly crucial for DPS, as with the upgraded Exotic, lightning strikes will partially reload the Machine Gun.

Leviathan’s Breath

Leviathans breath

Leviathan’s Breath remains an excellent choice for Raids and Dungeons. The Big-Game Hunter perk lets you stun unshielded enemies and is practical against Unstoppable Champions. The bow’s full potential is unlocked after equipping the Catalyst, which expands the reserves to 15 arrows and provides the Archer’s Tempo perk, improving draw time for precision hits.

The Lament

The Lament Sword

Swords are a fairly specific type of weapon, and yet, you should get this best Sword in Destiny 2 named The Lament because you can use it in various endgame scenarios. The Sword’s essence is the gradually increasing damage; for revved attacks, it gains stacks that boost the damage. Furthermore, during DPS Phases, you won’t have to worry about dying. Revved Consumption will heal you when harming an enemy. In a squad of three or more players, you can handle specific bosses in one or two phases, like in the latest dungeon. 

Apex Predator

Apex Predator

With the Lightfall’s release, Rocket Launchers become must-haves in DPS phases, so we’ve prepared three samples you must have in your vault. We’ll start with Apex Predator from Last Wish, which recently received updated perks, became craftable, and you can often see it in Destiny 2 DPS chart. Even though the 3rd column has many good choices, few compare to Reconstruction. If you don’t shoot Apex Predator, it charges a rocket into the Magazine every 4 seconds. Also, Reconstruction can overflow the Magazine, allowing it to hold two missiles simultaneously.

Now let’s talk about Damage Perks. The obvious favorite is Bait and Switch, which increases damage by a full 35%. However, its condition is problematic on this weapon type, as you have to deal damage from all weapons, including Apex Predator itself, using one shot without a buff. Explosive Light is much easier to operate, giving a 25% bonus damage for collected Orbs of Power, which are very easy to generate. But the main Bait and Switch advantage is the buff affects Wolfpack Rounds, obtained from Gjallarhorn, while Explosive Light doesn’t. 

In every way, that’s one of the Destiny 2 best DPS weapons in 2023!

Cold Comfort

Cold Comfort

A weapon that can fire two missiles without reloading is cool, but what about Cold Comfort, capable of firing four rockets in a row? All thanks to the Envious Assassin and the Origin Trait called Restoration Ritual. The first perk requires you to get Final Blows from other weapons, and the reward will be an overflow of this Rocket Launcher’s (RL) Magazine. To be more specific: 

It’s important to note that you have to do all that within 10 seconds to have the highest DPS weapon Destiny 2.

Let’s discuss Restoration Ritual, which prepares an Emergency Reload and reloads the gun on Ally Revival or Finisher. If you don’t know, Emergency Reload automatically charges a rocket into the Magazine when empty. We still recommend Bait and Switch as the Damage Perk, but Chill Clip is an excellent choice, especially if someone has equipped the Gjallarhorn on your team.

The Hothead

The Hothead Adept

Regardless, not everyone can spend hours farming the same stages in Raid or Dungeon for a Rocket Launcher, and that’s where The Hothead comes in. Not only do you just need to play Vanguard Ops or Nightfalls to get it, but it’s also available for F2P players and one of the best DPS weapons in Destiny 2!

The best and most unique perk combination can confidently be considered Field Prep + Clown Cartridge. But what’s so special about them? 

Because of this combination, you’ll have one of the highest DPS indicators, although Total Damage might not be so good. Auto-Loading Holster, along with Explosive Light, is also an excellent roll. Still, the first perk is worse than the Apex Predator’s Reconstruction.



Machine Guns are currently universal guns, unsuitable perhaps only for Boss Damage, so the appearance of Commemoration in our list is not surprising. 

The Commemoration is a Void Machine Gun in Destiny 2 that has an interesting perks combination, namely Reconstruction + Killing Tally. The second perk gives a buff (up to 3 stacks) after each Final Blow, which improves damage until the gun is stowed or refilled. And the first perk perfectly synergizes with Killing Tally because you won’t have to reload. Reconstruction not only automatically charges the Magazine by 10% every 4 seconds if you don’t fire from the weapon, but it can also overflow your Magazine twice as much. Also, Commemoration has a unique Origin Trait that grants Grenade, Melee, and Class Ability Energy on hit, which is a great bonus to an already fantastic Machine Gun.



Although Linear Fusion Rifles have received a significant nerf, there’s still an excellent model among Legendaries. Cataclysmic is the best Linear Fusion Rifle in Destiny 2 and it boasts a superior combination of perks like Fourth Time’s The Charm and Bait and Switch. The first perk returns two charges to the Magazine after four quick Precision Hits. At the same time, the second allows you to raise Cataclysmic’s damage by 35%. However, it requires you to deal damage with all of your guns as fast as possible. This Linear Fusion Rifle is an excellent alternative to Sleeper Simulant and easily surpasses it in terms of DPS and Ammo Economy.

The Other Half

The Other Half

The last gear on our list probably differs from what you’d use against bosses. Nevertheless, you’ll often utilize it because of a unique perk. We are talking about The Other Half with its Eager Edge perk, which lets you cover large distances with a mere sword swing. We won’t delve into various techniques associated with this Sword, through which vast distances can be traversed with ease. No matter what anyone says, this is one of the best Destiny 2 Power weapons.

Final Words

Now you know which heavies you need and are prepared for any showdown against major opponents. If you have questions about the weapons on the list, or if you want to share about another heavy gun that we didn’t mention and you recommend, be sure to comment below. Meanwhile, we recommend our other articles on the PvP guns topic, Fusion Rifles, or Scout Rifles, where we discuss even more diverse guns.

Do you need help farming to get all the ammunition from our list of the best PvE heavy weapons Destiny 2? Don’t have the time to spend hours in a single activity to get that god roll? Then, we present you with the assistance of professionals from Destiny 2 Services. Any order you place will be prioritized and completed in the shortest possible time, with the highest priority given to your safety.

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