Destiny 2 Best Pale Heart Weapons: God Rolls and Overviews

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Explore The Final Shape and collect the best Pale Heart weapons to experiment with them!

The Final Shape Pale Heart Weapons

Key Takeaways:

  • In this article, we fully overviewed all Pale Heart weapons and ranked them from worst to best.
  • There are a total of 8 Pale Heart weapons in Destiny 2, and all of them can be crafted. Some of these weapons are good for PvE, while others are better for PvP.
  • Also, you will find recommendations for Pale Heart weapon god rolls, explaining the functions and combinations of perks.  

As usual, with new expansions, we have a new destination with its own loot. Here, you can not only find upgrades for your Prismatic subclass but also brand-new Pale Heart weapons! What sets them apart from other similar weapons are new perks and unique frames, making them almost like Exotics. That’s why we will discuss these weapons in more detail in this article, covering all their best variations. So, get ready to explore the best Pale Heart guns!

How to Get Pale Heart Weapons in Destiny 2

You can obtain Pale Heart weapons in various ways. First, you will receive guns while progressing through the Final Shape campaign. Once you complete it, you can get some pieces by participating in the Overthrow public event. Additionally, you can obtain Pale Heart engrams in Pathfinder, and you can open these engrams at the Ghost vendor.

If you’re interested in knowing how to farm Pale Heart weapons effectively, we recommend participating in any public events, as it was in Lightfall DLC. However, more efficient methods may emerge in a couple of weeks, and we will update this segment.

How to Get Deepsight Pale Heart Weapons

As always, you only have a chance to get Deepsight weapons by completing Pale Heart activities. There are no guaranteed ways to obtain red border Pale Heart weapons yet. If we find a method, we will certainly inform you.

Pale Heart Weapons Origin Trait

The Origin Trait for Pale Heart weapons is the Dealer’s Choice. It grants you Super energy from weapon final blows, and you can boost this effect by equipping more Pale Heart weaponry. From our impressions, this perk performs very well in PvE, allowing you to accumulate Super much faster than usual, even if only one weapon is equipped.

Best Pale Heart Weapons in Destiny 2

Finally, we have arrived at the breakdown of the best weapons in Pale Heart, so let’s take a closer look at them with all the best perk combinations.

8. False Idols, Sword

False Idols

Vortex Frame is considered the weakest among all other swords, so False Idols is unlikely to be worth your attention. However, if you do need a Legendary Solar Sword, Relentless Strikes with Surrounded or Bait and Switch are great for DPS on large targets. Incandescent in the third column might interest someone, but we doubt you’ll use a sword for ad-clear.

7. Axial Lacuna, Fusion Rifle

Axial Lacuna

Although Axial Lacuna has decent perks in PvE, it is unlikely to compete with other Fusion Rifles due to its Precision Frame, which has the worst DPS. Despite this, this weapon can be quite a good choice in PvP. Axial Lacuna is the first Fusion Rifle with Keep Away, which grants you 10 Range and Accuracy if no enemies are nearby. If this perk doesn’t work for you, Firmly Planted is an excellent alternative because it improves Accuracy and Stability when crouched. In the last column, your attention should be on Kickstart because reducing Charge Time and increasing Damage after Sliding following Sprinting is always beneficial.

6. Embraced Identity, Sniper Rifle

Imbraced Indentity

Embraced Identity is definitely more suited for PvP, but it doesn’t mean it has nothing to offer PvE Players. Rewind Rounds and Fourth Time’s The Charm for PvE is an interesting combination that has been seen on The Supremacy. It constantly replenishes your magazine from reserves and air, making it a good choice for dealing with Total Damage. Reconstruction with Precision Instrument is better for increasing DPS, as, after six hits, your weapon’s damage will increase by 30%.

In PvP, Opening Shot with Moving Target is an impressive combination. Since both these perks significantly increase Aim Assistance and Accuracy, hitting with Embraced Identity will become much more manageable. If you think this is overkill, consider Elemental Capacitor with Arc (+50 Handling) or Void (+20 Stability) Super.

5. Pro Memoria, Machine Gun

Pro Memoria

Bungie continues to surprise with new Archetypes, and this time, they introduced a 600 RPM Machine Gun in the form of Pro Memoria. If you were looking for a decent Strand Heavy, you’ve finally found it. If you’re a fan of Strand Warlock, Hatchling in the third column will definitely interest you. For other Subclasses, Demolitionist (restores Grenade Energy for each Final Blow) and Reconstruction (gradually overfills your magazine) are preferable.

The fourth column also has fascinating perks, such as Dragonfly, which allows you to more effectively kill groups of enemies, or Desperate Measures, which perfectly complements Demolitionist. Frenzy is the most neutral perk of all, as the passive 15% Bonus Damage, 100 Reload Speed, and Handling help with both ad-clear and against stronger enemies.

4. Someday, Shotgun


Among all the best Pale Heart weapons in The Final Shape, Someday will please Crucible players the most. It is an excellent PvP Shotgun in the Kinetic Slot and a worthy competitor to the popular Matador 64. The only two perks you’re interested in are Threat Detector, which improves Handling when enemies are nearby, and Opening Shot, which increases the range and Accuracy of your first shot. If you’re wondering which gun to farm for PvP first, the answer is clear: Someday.

3. No Hesitation, Auto Rifle

No Hesitation

No Hesitation is the first Healing Auto Rifle with a Solar element. This Archetype shoots Projectiles and accumulates Charge when dealing damage to enemies. When firing from the hip, you can use the accumulated Charge to heal teammates, and rapid healing grants the weapon increased damage while your allies receive the Restoration Buff.

If you want to focus on Healing your Friends, the best perks are Physic and Circle of Life, as they both synergize with this gun’s aspect. Otherwise, consider Demolitionist with Incandescent, as this combination of perks will help you quickly restore Grenade Energy even if you’re not playing on the Solar Subclass.

2. Bold Endings, Hand Cannon

Bold Endings

Bold Endings can easily replace Eyasluna and Judgment, as its perks and DPS surpass both Hand Cannons. The Headstone perk (creates Stasis Crystal on Precision Final Blow) in the third column is particularly rare. This allows for combinations with damage perks like Desperate Measures (increases damage by 30%) or Dragonfly (creates an Elemental Explosion on Precision Final Blow). Despite all these good perks in the fourth column, Demolitionist stands out the most. Since it works when destroying a Stasis Crystal from Headstone, you can gain a lot of Grenade Energy.

In PvP, this Hand Cannon Archetype is quite challenging to use, making it unpopular. Despite this, there are a few perks that might interest you. Rapid Hit helps improve the relatively low Stability with Precision Hits, which you’ll make quite often due to the 2-burst Frame. Moving Target and Eye of the Storm are excellent perks for improving Accuracy during duels, with the latter also fixing bad Handling when you have low HP.

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1. The Call, Sidearm

The Call

The Call is the second Rocket Sidearm in the game with excellent Perks. If you want to use grenades as often as possible and get damage bonuses for it, consider the combination of Demolitionist and Desperate Measures. Though, Golden Tricorn will be an excellent replacement in the fourth column if you play with Strand Abilities. For neutral play, you can pick Lead From Gold to get more Ammo, Slice to reduce damage from enemies, and One For All to boost damage by 35% when hitting three enemies. These perks are better choices!

Final Words on the Best Pale Heart guns in Destiny 2

And that was the breakdown of all eight available weapons in Pale Heart. Don’t forget to experiment with perks, as you can always discover an amazing combination that can improve your build or gameplay significantly. If you want to dive deeper into The Final Shape, we recommend our series of articles on Prismatic builds, where we detail the best combinations and their functions: Prismatic Hunter build, Prismatic Warlock build, and Prismatic Titan build. Soon, we will discuss the best Final Shape weapons, so stay tuned!

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