Perfect Strand Hunter Build for PvE and PvP Activities

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Get ready to make the best Strand Hunter build in Destiny 2 with this guide!

Buildingcrafting was, is, and always will be one of the most exciting things in Destiny 2. With the proper placement of perks, fragments, aspects, and taking the fitting class and exotic: you will become an absolute monster on the battlefield. With the Strand’s advent, players immediately ran to experiment. We have already discussed what we could do for Warlocks and Titans, and now we will touch on the best Hunter Strand Builds. We will do everything possible to aid you with annihilating your enemies in PvE, so let us begin.

Grapple Build

Assasins Cowl Build

There’s no denying that the thrill of using Grapple is unparalleled. This loadout guarantees you enjoyment without any interruption. The developers built Grapple Melee into Grenades to prevent it from being too useless. Surprisingly, it really works with Assassin’s Cowl. This best Hunter armor for Strand will allow you to heal and gain Invisibility from Final Blows with Grapple Melee, which is extremely useful due to Strand’s lack of health regeneration.

Acquiring the Widow’s Silk Aspect is crucial for optimal results with our Grapple-centered Build. This particular Aspect not only grants an additional grenade charge but also empowers the Grappling Hook to create a Grapple Tangle. In addition to all of this, a new Aspect called Whirling Maelstrom synergizes perfectly with our Hunter Strand Build. As a result, the destruction of Tangle will create Beyblade, which targets enemies, dealing massive damage while creating Unraveling projectiles. The main feature of this Aspect is that this mass of Strand fibers is a Grapple Tangle, so you can easily use Grapple on it without spending a grenade charge.

So, what else do we need to know? Destiny 2 Hunter Strand Build relies on generating essential Orbs of Power for it, which are easily created with Grapple Melee and Heavy Handed mod. Since you’ll often make Orbs and pick them up, the Thread of Warding gives you the Woven Mail. This buff provides you with 55% resistance, which is very useful. But where to spend the accumulated Armor Charge? Of course, the bonus damage from your guns, which you can get with Weapon Surge Mods.

Suspend Build

The Sixth Coyote

Strand is famous for its Suspend, which can significantly help in any Endgame Activity. The aforementioned debuff allows immobilizing any opponent (except bosses) for a few seconds so that you can neutralize them without any problem. Since Suspend is so strong, why not dedicate a D2 Hunter Strand Build entirely to it?

In this case, the Must-Have Aspect is Ensnaring Slam. With it, you can perform a Suspend Dive, spending your Dodge in the process. For this reason, we’re using The Sixth Coyote armor, giving a second charge to your Class Ability. Add on top of the cake — Widow’s Silk Aspect, passively giving two Grenade charges and Shackle Grenade to suspend your enemies more often. As a result, you’ll have a total of 4 Abilities that can suspend an opponent and allow you to deal with them efficiently.

Despite being one of the Best Hunter Strand PvE builds, the main disadvantage may be that you constantly need to be close to enemies to activate Class Abilities. Regardless, having a suitable close-range loadout will make you unstoppable in PvE.

PvP Dodge Build

Bombardiers Build

Have you always wanted to destroy Guardians with your Dodge? Then your dream has been fulfilled, thanks to The Bombardiers and Threaded Specter, which trigger after your Dodge. This Exotic Chest drops a Parting Gift, which explodes after 1.5 seconds, dealing as much as 120 damage. Meanwhile, the Aspect ability creates a Decoy that explodes for 100 damage when destroyed or when approached by an enemy and also spawns 2 Threadlings. As you may have noticed, the combination of these two explosions deals about 220 damage, which may one-shot any Guardian, allowing it to be called the best Hunter Strand PvP build!

Artifact Recommendation for Strand Hunter

Right now, Destiny 2 has been reworking the Artifact perk system. Now, they work as a passive buff, which helps beginners avoid delving into numerous perks. Each facilitates your gameplay in its own way, making the same passage of GM Nightfalls or Raids much more enjoyable. We decided to recommend everything worth taking in the Artifact. We definitely recommend upgrading it in Season of the Wish as fast as possible because these perks will only be the most useful for your best Strand Hunter Build in Destiny 2.

First Column

Second Column

Third Column

Fourth Column

Fifth Column

We are sure that each of the presented builds will be useful to you in various PvE activities and will help you out in the upcoming Crota’s End Raid. If you have any questions about Build’s options for Strand Warlock and Titan, don’t hesitate to check out our articles regarding the matter. If you need farming exotics for those top Hunter Strand builds, we recommend using our Destiny 2 services. WowVendor always fulfills orders in the shortest possible time, and our customers are always satisfied.

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