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In any MMO, you’re required to be as involved as possible in the gameplay and mechanics because they’re complex and, in many ways, confusing for an average player. Destiny 2 is no exception. Guardians often have to deal with the many issues and confusions they experience while playing. To avoid such trivial matters and get to know the game better, they have to learn more about weapons, armor, some effects, perks, stats, and more. 


It may take a lot of time for you to find a reliable source or gear manager to aid you on your journey. Understanding that, we have prepared an ultimate guide for all sites and spreadsheets, where all the most important information is collected in one place. So you can better understand this game on your own and assist your friends by recommending must-have Destiny 2 resources and tools!

Any player will immediately recommend to you as the best source on the topic of weapons and armor. Still, most often, it is for the former. Here you can:

In general, if you are starting out with this looter-shooter, then that’s the best Destiny 2 resource in your bookmarks.

D2 ArmorPicker

We figured out the weapons, but what about the armor? Every player here wants the maximum optimized set, where the stats are arranged to their desires in just a couple of clicks. Where can we find such Destiny 2 management tools? With D2 ArmorPicker, which is you can quickly achieve this because it will reveal all the available options from the armor you keep.

Choose a class, decide what stats you need and how many points, perhaps even a specific Exotic with fragments of the chosen subclass, and voila — the perfect set is ready to use with displayed numbers of resources to upgrade it! We definitely recommend using D2 ArmorPicker while creating your loadouts.


D2 Foundry

Although the D2Gunsmith site is no longer supported, there is no reason to be upset because players made a replacement that is hundreds of steps ahead of it. We are talking about D2foundry, which is ideal for PvP lovers. But if you are a PvE player, then you will also find helpful information here. On D2foundry, you’ll be able to:

D2foundry is still under active development, so don’t be surprised if even more useful features appear on the site.



Despite being a new site, it has already won the hearts of many Guardians and has become almost the best Destiny 2 utility resource. It not only lets you watch other players’ Builds but also share your own! 

While the site is still under development, it is already ahead of its competitors. Filters by classes, subclasses, and tags will help you find the Build of your dreams. Also, this resource has its own discord channel, where you can watch the development progress and chat with the community to gain fresh ideas for future Builds. Easily the most convenient and useful Destiny 2 loadout optimizer.

Today in Destiny

Do you want to know everything that happens in Destiny today? Then the site with the same name will help you with this. Today in Destiny is the perfect place to get all the essential information about the game right now. Its user-friendly interface and clear site navigation make it easy for even beginners to find what they’re looking for without confusion.

Every week you’ll find everything up to date on mission rotation, Raids, Dungeons, Lost Sectors, vendor items, and much more, with additional information about rewards and modifiers. Furthermore, here you can find information about today’s quests, challenges, and available Guardians Ranks quest at each level. The icing on the cake is the Destiny 2 vendor tracker, namely the Eververse calendar, where you can view the items for each week this season and find out what you can accumulate precious dust on!



At one point, you will start to notice the buffs on the side of the screen, or you will realize that the topic is often discussed in the community. Still, you have yet to understand their meanings. And believe us, you were not alone in this situation. After all, the community has even created a vast Google spreadsheet with all the valuable information. Did you have problems with the Champions? Here you’ll get an explanation of who they are and what it takes to defeat them. Want to learn how to stack buffs and debuffs? You can quickly figure it out in a separate infographic. Do you want to understand what is more useful against Combatants, or do you not know all the delights of Rocket Launchers? You will find an answer about this.

The table is far from ideal and many things are left unfinished, but that’s the best you can find now, especially among the Destiny 2 community resources.

The Destiny Data Compendium

Not afraid to get lost in a huge amount of useful and accurate information? Then this table will easily help you understand Destiny 2. You will find a detailed description of each Ability, Exotics, Perks, and Mods here. The authors of this website have thoughtfully created a convenient navigation system in the form of a table to assist you in your search. Of course, some information may be missing because the game is constantly updated, and it is impossible to keep up with everything. Nonetheless, these are exceptions rather than the rule.

Trials Report

Want always to know which weapon performs best in Crucible? Want to never fall behind the meta? Or are you just interested in your stats in PvP or Trials? The site will fully justify your desires. Here you’ll find not only the tops of the best guns each week but also the tops of Classes and Exotic Armor. Still not surprised? Then what about detailed information about each player participating in Trials of Osiris? And if you want to have fun, then the site’s creators hold entertaining and difficult Challenges every week, such as the Delicate Tomb kills.


Other useful resourses

And we’ll end our guide by mentioning noteworthy resources or things we have already written about.

As an example, DIM is one of the best Destiny 2 companion apps to optimize your in-game inventory, without which you cannot go on an adventure. If you decide to deal with your things, be sure to learn how to use it.

For those who spend most of their time in Discord channels, we recommend the top three Destiny 2 bots:

In addition to various sites, we recommend that you follow different YouTubers and streamers who talk about many in-game topics like lore, news, Builds, and even more.

Finally, we recommend that you keep an eye on our site. The WowVendor team reports on the latest news in the world of Destiny, assists players with diverse guides like the examples above and our article, and has its own tools and Destiny 2 trackers to report Xur’s location, GM Nightfalls rotation, and so on. Moreover, we help players in the game itself, providing a variety of services ranging from farming weapons to completing hard Master Raids.

And that’s a wrap-up. This article is our passion work, as we have long wanted to collect all the most useful resources and sources for use by any player in the Destiny 2 community. We hope you will suggest our guide to your friends and tell us in the comments what you find particularly helpful. We’ll add the best recommendations to the article, leaving a big thanks to the reader for suggesting it.

Thanks for reading. Owl is flying away!

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