Destiny 1 and 2 6-Hour Maintenance Schedule: Hotfix on March 16

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Destiny 1 and 2 lovers, get ready for upcoming lengthy maintenance. Bungie has announced the hotfix on March 16, 2023. Following the PDT timezone, it’ll last for 6 hours, starting at 7:00 AM and ending at 1 PM. Players will be removed from the game at 7:45 AM and won’t be able to enter during the process.

One significant update is the removal of a bug that once allowed gamers to farm Artifice armor on the first boss of the Duality dungeon. Thus, Guardians can no longer get the armor set through unconventional means. They’ll need to obtain it through regular gameplay.

In addition to said bug fix, the community is hoping that the developers will also address the invisibility glitch. It has been plaguing the title and turning Guardians invisible against their will. While some enjoy the accidental advantage, others are frustrated with encountering such opponents in PVP matches.

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