World of Warcraft Dragonflight Outlaw Rogue DPS Guide

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You’re an Outlaw Rogue, a whirlwind of blades in the World of Warcraft Dragonflight. You’ve got burst damage at your fingertips and the thrill of the fight in your heart. Our guide’s here to help you further sharpen your skills, perfect your talent build, and equip you with the best gear. So let’s dive straight into the heart of Dragonflight’s Outlaw Rogue.

Key Takeaways

Best guide to play outlaw rogue

Outlaw Rogue Overview

The three Rogue specs are Outlaw, Assassination, and Subtlety

Playing the Outlaw Rogue specialization, you’ll find yourself thriving in a world of high-speed, energy-based attack sequences that hinge on your strategic use of Combo Points. Your role in combat is to generate these points through quick, successive attacks, then spend them on powerful finishing moves. This balance between build-up and payoff is key to your success on the battlefield.

You’ll also need to master the use of Roll the Bones, a unique ability that can significantly enhance your damage. However, its random nature adds an element of unpredictability to your gameplay, keeping you on your toes. Your potent attack power and strong AoE capabilities make you a force to be reckoned with in any fight, while your mobility and utility skills provide you with the versatility to handle a variety of combat situations.

However, don’t overlook your weaknesses. Your performance can dip if Roll the Bones doesn’t dice in your favor, and your limited self-healing abilities leave you vulnerable if you’re not careful. Be prepared to adapt to these challenges, and you’ll prove why the Outlaw Rogue is a class not to be trifled with.

Outlaw Rogue Guide for Gearing and Stat Priority

Proper gear and stat priority can increase your combat effectiveness

Gearing up your Outlaw Rogue is vital to your gameplay, and it’s not just about grabbing the items with the highest level. It’s about understanding the stats that are the most beneficial to your playstyle and seeking out equipment that enhances those stats.

The primary stat for an Outlaw Rogue is Agility. Secondary stats: prioritize Versatility and Critical Strike, followed by Mastery and Haste.

To help you determine whether a piece of gear is an upgrade or not, it’s essential to sim your character. Simulating gear allows you to assess its impact on your overall performance, helping you make informed decisions about your equipment choices. By doing so, you can optimize your character’s stats and ensure you’re always equipped with the best possible gear for your playstyle and objectives.

Talent Builds for Outlaw Rogue

Best talent choices in the Rogue talent tree. Outlaw Rogues good class talents can help you increase your combat potency and rise to be the top of the DPS specs

In the realm of World of Warcraft’s Dragonflight expansion, selecting the right talent builds for your Outlaw Rogue can make a significant difference in your gameplay. For single-target raid encounters, talents like Audacity, Fan the Hammer, and Shadow Dance offer increased damage. Keep It Rolling, and Thistle Tea help maintain your buffs and manage your energy efficiently.

When facing multiple foes, or in Mythic+ situations, you should consider a different approach. Ambidexterity and Dancing Steel improve mobility and mastery, while Gouge and Tricks of the Trade offer added value. Other abilities like Blade Rush, Blade Flurry, and Precise Cuts are optimal for cleave content, but avoid Killing Spree as it loses value in such scenarios.

Raid Build

Mythic + Build

In the World of Warcraft, Rogues are renowned for their very good group utility, especially their remarkable mastery of crowd control abilities. With a versatile skill set, Outlaw Rogues are adept at controlling the battlefield by incapacitating adversaries. Through expert use of stuns, blinds, and saps, they can effectively immobilize foes, providing their team with invaluable strategic advantages in both PvP and PvE encounters.

Moreover, Outlaw Rogues possess a unique ability known as Shroud of Concealment, enabling them to cloak their group, allowing for stealthy navigation past unnecessary packs in dungeons. This exceptional crowd control prowess and the ability to skip unnecessary encounters make Outlaw Rogues an indispensable choice for any group endeavor, solidifying their reputation as adept and invaluable allies in the group content.

Dragonflight Outlaw Rogue Rotation

Mastering your rotation as a Dragonflight Outlaw Rogue will help you immensely in both single-target and multi-target situations. Understanding when and how to use your abilities efficiently can greatly enhance the damage dealt. Let’s start examining the optimal rotation strategies for this class, whether you’re focusing on a single enemy or dealing with multiple foes.

Play Outlaw Rogue: Core Gameplay

Common Point Builders:
1. Use Sinister Strike for basic combo points.
2. Utilize Ambush from stealth or during cooldowns.
3. Employ Echoing Reprimand for supercharged combo points.

1. Maintain Slice and Dice for enhanced auto-attacks.
2. Use Between the Eyes for ranged damage and marking the target.
3. Spend the remaining combo points on Dispatch.

Roll the Bones Buffs:
1. Prioritize high-priority buffs like Broadside, Skull and Crossbones, and True Bearing.
2. Low-priority buffs include Ruthless Precision and Buried Treasure.
3. Use Loaded Dice for guaranteed two-buff combos.

Outlaw Rogue Single-Target Rotation

You’ll find that optimizing your single-target rotation as a Dragonflight Outlaw Rogue can significantly boost your damage output. The key lies in balancing your combo point generation, energy consumption, and the timing of your abilities. Your primary goal is to maintain a steady stream of damage while building and spending combo points efficiently.

Here’s a simplified rotation guide for you to follow:

  1. Use Adrenaline Rush on cooldown
  2. Use Roll the Bones when no buffs are active
  3. Use Sinister Strike to generate combo points
  4. Spent combo points to maintain Slice and Dice buff
  5. Use Between the Eyes on cooldown at max or -1 from maximum combo points.
  6. Use Pistol Shot if you have an Opportunity buff at 5 or less combo points.
  7. Use Dispatch on at max or -1 from maximum combo points.

Outlaw Rogue Multi-Target Rotation

When dealing with multiple enemies as a Dragonflight Outlaw Rogue, it’s essential to modify your rotation strategy for optimal damage, and that starts with an understanding of your area-of-effect (AoE) abilities. Your mainstay AoE ability is Blade Flurry, which copies your attacks to nearby enemies, providing you with consistently high cleave damage. Use it when facing three or more opponents, especially in situations where they are stacked targets, to maximize the effectiveness of your AoE damage.

In scenarios that require AoE damage, ensure Blade Flurry is active and use Roll the Bones to gain combat enhancements. Aim to maintain various buffs. Better to keep them at three or more, with Keep It Rolling. Use Adrenaline Rush for increased attack speed, and when energy drops below 50, consume Thistle Tea. Remember, the key is to manage your resources efficiently and strike with deadly precision.

Enchants and Consumables

Enchants and consumables can significantly affect the strengths and weaknesses of Outlaw Rogues

Let’s dive into the crucial elements, enchantments, and consumables that you’ll need to optimize your Outlaw Rogue’s performance:

Macros and Addons

Often, you’ll find that using macros and addons not only simplifies your gameplay but also significantly enhances your overall experience as an Outlaw Rogue. Macros allow you to execute multiple commands in one button press, streamlining your rotations and making complex maneuvers more manageable.

Let’s Take a Look at the Essential Macros for an Outlaw Rogue

Outlaw Rogue DPS Guide - Dragonflight 10.1.7
  1. Start Auto-Attack Macro:
    #showtooltip Ability
    /cast Ability

When you shift your focus to another target through a nameplate or boss frame, your character may not engage in auto-attack unless you manually activate an ability or right-click the target. The purpose of the Startattack macro is to ensure your character starts attacking immediately upon target switch, without waiting for an ability activation.

By replacing ‘Ability’ with the specific ability you prefer, you can customize the macro to suit your gameplay style. Implementing this macro for key rotational abilities is beneficial for melee classes or specs, allowing seamless transitions between targets. Remember, you don’t need to apply this macro to every ability; focus on your primary rotational skills (for example, for an Outlaw Rogue: Sinister Strike, Dispatch) that you use right away upon engaging a new target.

2. Grappling Hook on cursor:

/cast [@cursor] Grappling Hook

This macro enables you to cast Grappling Hook directly at your mouse cursor, eliminating the need to confirm the targeting circle.

3. Adrenaline Rush + Trinket combo macro:
/cast Adrenaline Rush
/use 14 or 13

If you want to automate the use of on-use trinkets alongside another burst ability, you can utilize the /use command along with the corresponding slot number. The upper trinket slot is 13, while the lower one is 14.

4. Tricks of the Trade on focus:
/cast [@focus] Tricks of the Trade

This macro is particularly useful in Raids and Mythic+ dungeons, especially in situations where you frequently draw aggro. One important detail to note about this macro is to set your Tank as your focus for it to function correctly.

Addons for Outlaw Rogues

Addons, on the other hand, improve your interface and provide valuable real-time information. A few must-haves include WeakAuras for tracking buffs and cooldowns, Deadly Boss Mods for dungeon and raid alerts, and Details! for in-depth insights about your damage output, which are crucial for enhancing your gameplay and self-improvement. Take time to explore these tools, and you’ll soon see a noticeable improvement in your Outlaw Rogue gameplay. Remember, practice makes perfect!

Frequently Asked Questions

How Does the Outlaw Rogue Class Interact With Other Classes in a Raid or Group Setting?

As an Outlaw Rogue, you’ll bring high burst damage and AoE capabilities to any group or raid. Your mobility allows you to quickly position yourself, while your utility abilities, like crowd control and lock picking, aid your team. However, remember to manage your energy and combo points wisely. The unpredictability of ‘Roll the Bones‘ can affect your performance, but don’t let it deter your focus. Remember, your role is crucial in controlling the battlefield and dealing high damage output.

What Is the Most Efficient Way to Farm Gear for an Outlaw Rogue in Dragonflight?

Ironically, you’re not just fighting monsters; you’re fighting RNG too. For efficient gear farming, run Mythic+ dungeons and raids, focusing on those with loot that boosts your stats. Use your weekly Great Vault for high-level gear. Don’t forget to optimize your loot specialization for Outlaw to increase relevant drops. PvP can also offer gear upgrades. It’s a grind, but remember: perseverance beats luck every time.

Are There Any Upcoming Changes to the Outlaw Rogue in Future Patches That Players Should Be Aware Of?

As an Outlaw Rogue player, you’ll want to stay tuned for patch notes and developer updates. While specific changes aren’t confirmed, there’s always the potential for class balancing, talent adjustments, and new gear. Keep an eye on official forums, fan sites, or WoW’s official site. Remember, you’re in control of adapting to changes, so don’t sweat it. Keep enjoying your Outlaw Rogue gameplay and make the necessary adjustments as they come.

As an Outlaw Rogue in PvP, focus on mobility and control. Use abilities like Gouge and Kidney Shot to control your enemies. Utilize your high burst damage, especially with Adrenaline Rush activated. Keep an eye on your Roll the Bones buffs, aiming for two or more. Stay agile with Grappling Hook and don’t forget to use your concealed pistol for added support. Always adapt to your opponents’ tactics, and remember, practice makes perfect.

Are There Specific Boss Encounters in Dragonflight That Are Particularly Challenging or Advantageous for an Outlaw Rogue?

Yes, certain boss encounters in Dragonflight can challenge or favor an Outlaw Rogue. Bosses with multiple targets exploit your high AoE capabilities. However, bosses requiring constant movement can limit your single-target damage. Utilize your mobility and utility abilities to your advantage. Constantly adapt to each encounter’s mechanics, making the most of your versatile toolkit. Remember, your performance isn’t solely reliant on perfect conditions but also on your adaptability and understanding of the class.


And there you have it, the strengths and weaknesses, ins and outs of playing an Outlaw Rogue in Dragonflight. Remember, practice makes perfect. We hope that this Outlaw Rogue guide will help you top the damage chart. Keep honing your skills, experiment with your build, and, most importantly, have fun. See you in Azeroth!

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