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By buying this service, you will receive the selected amount of Hunter Exalted Orbs. They will be traded to you in-game. This is one of the endgame craft currencies, mainly used for gear crafting. Hunter Exalted Orbs drops very rarely. As a result of ordering from us, you will save time and be able to start buying the items you need.

ETA: 1-36 hours

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• Select the amount of Hunter Exalted Orbs
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• Selected amount of Hunter Exalted Orbs

What is Hunter Exalted Orb?
A Hunter Exalted Orb is one of the currency types used for endgame crafting. This orb can be applied to rare items to modify their properties.
From Hunter Exalted Orb you can get valuable modifiers, for example:
• 1% increased Damage per 15 Dexterity
• Nearby Enemies have -9% to Chaos Resistance
• Attacks have +(1.1-1.5)% to Critical Strike Chance
• Spells have +(1.1-1.5)% to Critical Strike Chance
• +13-16% to Chaos Damage over Time Multiplier
• 9-10% increased Strength
• 9-10% increased Dexterity
• 9-10% increased Intelligence
But be mindful, the modifiers that you will get depend on the item. For example, -9% to Chaos Resistance can be found only on a helmet.

ATTENTION: During the trade make sure to place any junk item of RARE quality as your offer. It is very important that the item is RARE and NOT UNIQUE or MAGIC. Make sure not to text trader anything aside from greetings in chat. Most importantly – do not mention anything that might indicate the purchase.

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Unbelievably fast and professional! My team knew exactly where to go to get the specific piece of armor and made quick work of it!
M+20's Great runs.
M+20's Great runs.
Great customer service
Great customer service! Not much more to say.
Love these guys
Love these guys, quick easy runs
Great Team and people
Great people and team who help get the things done and sometimes even go above and beyond. i would like to point out those who do it for pve and go for recovery just be wary of the amount of times because bungie always power trips. i recommend if you are going to do any cruicible or trials to do it via sherpa to keep your account safe. Bungie will flag accounts in trials if it doesnt match playstyles so for safety go for sherpas. Raids and pve content recovery goes smoothly and they keep you updated.
Very worth it
Really nice, seems scary to send over money before getting a clear but after the clear I wish I knew about these guys sooner. Got great loot, went up 8 ilvls and learned bunch of new mechanics
Very good and fast service
Very good and fast service
It was quick
It was quick
Fun group
Fun group, good as advertised.
Smooth fast and efficient
Smooth fast and efficient! No complaints what so ever 😀
fast, no wipes, pros. risky for the user, my a account got suspended
on time
on time, and quickly executed, 5stars ORDER #1394575 ORDER #1394496 ORDER #1394935
Quick, fast service.Delivery of product easy. Recommended 5star.
Damn these guys are soo good
Damn these guys are soo good, it's amazing
Professionally run group
Professionally run group
Played my own character and they kept…
Played my own character and they kept me alive. Lot of fun
Another great run !!
Another great run !!
Very fast and professional service…
Very fast and professional service highly recommend!
Totally worth every penny!!
Totally worth every penny!!! A++
Thank you!
Thank you for WowVendor very fast reliable services.
My order was completed in no time
My order was completed in no time. excellent service with no difficulties. would recommend to anyone.
Easy experience
Easy experience
Fast and easy
Fast and easy, with there were less on my token though
Great service
Great service. Excellent help

Rated 4.8 out of 5 based on 27,820 reviews

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