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By buying this service, you get the desired number of phases in Valtan raid. Valtan will require all players to have perfect knowledge of attack patterns.

Defeating this boss with random players is quite difficult, and if something goes wrong, you can lock yourself on cooldown and not close all the phases. We’ve been providing boosting services in Lost Ark for a long time, and have numerous successful runs on bosses like Argos, Kakul-Saydon and Vykas. You can order Valtan completion on normal or hard mode, the amount of loot from the boss and chests with additional loot varies, depending on the difficulty. If you’d like, we can also open a chest with extra loot after defeating the boss!

If you need a gear score to get this service, take a look at this product.

ETA: 1-2 days

Valtan Normal Loots from 2 phases:
• 6 Demon Beast Vein
• 3 Demonic Beast’s Bone
• 1320 Guardian Stone Crystals
• 660 Destruction Stone Crystals
• 1700 Honor Shards
• 17 Great Honor Leapstone
• 2500 Gold
• Random Relic Accessories
• Random Relic Stone
• Random card set
Attention! Don’t forget, that opening all 3 chests with bonus loot costs 1300 gold

Valtan Hard Mode Loots from 2 phases:
• 1 Stone of Chaos
• 6 Demon Beast Vein
• 1520 Guardian Stone Crystals
• 760 Destruction Stone Crystals
• 2200 Honor Shards
• 22 Great Honor Leapstone
• 4500 Gold
• Random Relic Accessories
• Random Relic Stone
• Random card set
Attention! Don’t forget, that opening all 3 chests with bonus loot costs 2100 gold

• Account-sharing
• 1415+ gear score for normal
• 1445+ gear score for hard
• Clean cooldown

Money-Back Guarantee

You can request a full refund before the start of your carry. You can also get a partial refund, depending on the current boosting progress

If we experience any issues completing your order, you can get a compensation in WowVendor store credit, game time, or bonus boosts

Payment Security

1. Your payment data is not stored on our servers

2. PayPal customer protection for 6 months after the boost

3. PCI DSS Level 1 Compliance for all payments

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Our sales & service average reply time is less than 5 minutes any time day or night

After you purchase the boost, your manager will guide you through the entire process

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WowVendor has some of the best prices on the market. We are in business since 2014 and are ready to offer you the finest boosting services in 38 video-games!

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A great experience
A great experience! have used once before, keeps getting better each time! highly suggest!
Excellent team
Excellent team. Got M+20 dungeons done in record time.
First time customer
First time customer. Excellent service and communication! Very fast and reliable! Would recommend to anyone curious about these services!
Great service with a super nice…
Great service with a super nice customer service
Timely and very professional!
Timely and very professional!
Great Job as Usual.
Thanks again WowVendor for a great and rewarding experience. I appreciate my team's professionalism and speed with which this service was done!
Definitely legit
They did 1 hour of getting orokin cells. And finished my master rank 30 test on warframe. Thank you
Quick M+20's to fill bank tabs.
Quick M+20's to fill bank tabs.
Great fast learning Curve
Great fast learning Curve, and good fast fu
Very satisfied with service 😀
Very satisfied with service 😀
Never dissapointed
Never dissapointed, good work!
Awesome team
Awesome team! They are friendly and kindly. It was fast run and no problem. Thank you team!!!!!
Love this website and their teams
Love this website and their teams, fun every time
Great Experience
As per usual the service provided was excellent. Happy with the end result as well.
great work excellent service
great work excellent service
Once again great fast runs all done
Once again great fast runs all done
Accurate, punctual and very professional.
Continued excellent service.
Continued excellent service.
Efficient and quick delivery of what…
Efficient and quick delivery of what you require. Very good.
speedy intime runs
speedy intime runs
The whole process was very easy and…
The whole process was very easy and worry free.
One raid ilvl without vault 455 =>464
Did not get anything useful until the last three bosses. Then got a BIS bow, chest, and legs for the 9 point ilvl improvement.
i have 5 strokes so lay ia difficult to…
i have 5 strokes so lay ia difficult to say the least but the group made sure i stayed alive and finished in great time.
Very fast and very reliable
Very fast and very reliable. Could not ask for a better team to help fulfill some goals and obtain weapons and armor, that ordinarily a solo player could not obtain. This group is amazing. They get the job done and they do it going above and beyond expectations.

Rated 4.8 out of 5 based on 27,771 reviews

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