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A true gem of the Witch Queen DLC, the D2 Vow of the Disciple raid delivers the ultimate PvE experience, taking the endgame content to a whole new level. Pitting you against the toughest enemies, the raid pushes every single Guardian on your fireteam to their gaming limits. Those who are brave and skilled enough to solve all the riddles and defeat the formidable Disciple of the Witness are entitled to receive top-tier rewards, including tons of XP, Deepsight weapons, and a high-stat armor set.

Are you ready to venture into one of Destiny 2’s most challenging content to date? Let’s dive in together with WowVendor!

The Challenges Behind Beating Vow of the Disciple

VotD is one of the most mechanically-heavy raids in the game. The level of teamwork and communication required for a successful completion is close to impeccable, so rushing in without a pre-made and more or less skilled fireteam probably won’t play out well.

But what makes this raid so challenging? Why is it better to buy Vow of the Disciple boosts rather than try to beat it on your own?

First off, much like every other Destiny 2 raid, VotD cannot be solo-run. It’s just not possible; the game simply won’t allow you to start the activity as a solo player, which makes a team of Guardians an absolute must. However, not every player out there has that many gamer friends to form a full team of six. Of course, there are LFG services that are a great solution for those lone wolves who want to do Destiny’s co-op content. However, LFG has one obvious downside: while being really useful at times, it basically introduces you to complete strangers. No matter how good your newly-found teammates are at playing the game, you still have to get used to each other’s playstyles and learn to work together effectively. And those things don’t happen overnight. It might and most certainly will take time and tons of dedication, but even if you do eventually make a decent team, it does not guarantee success in going up against VotD bosses.

Another reason for getting a professional Vow of the Disciple carry is that you’re going to need a solid plan. Each raid is unique; each boss requires certain strategies, and if your party just runs around the map shooting things, you’re not gonna get far. The same goes for communication: if all of you don’t coordinate your every move with each other, you simply won’t make it to the end of the instance as winners; you won’t make it to the end at all.

This raid is quite difficult to do on the first try without proper callouts and any prior preparations, because it features a complex glyph mechanic and relies heavily on team cooperation. To defeat Rhulk and claim all the shiny rewards, you’ll need good gear and a well-knit team of skilled players by your side. WowVendor can help you with both. We have a wide range of raid-ready boosts and Vow of the Disciple carries for you to choose from. You can team up with our pros, or simply order a full completion to sit back and relax while our experts run the raid for you. And that’s only two of the many options you can use to make your raiding experience as smooth as possible! What other VotD services do we offer? Read on and find out!

Explore WowVendor’s Vow of the Disciple Services

To make sure every player meets their in-game goals, we provide a variety of boosts for every taste and budget.

Vow of the Disciple powerlevel boost is a perfect way for you to get your character raid-ready if you’re a bit underpowered to join the fight. You’re recommended to be at least 1530 to start on Legend, while the Master difficulty is set at 1580, so if you’re lagging behind on that Light, our experts will level you up to meet the raid requirements and stand a good fighting chance against mobs and bosses.

A standard VotD boost includes a full raid run on Legend with a few extra options to add, like secret chests or the Deepsight weapon puzzle. A Master Vow of the Disciple boost will help you beat the raid on the highest difficulty, and, just like with Normal runs, you’re free to choose between Recovery or Sherpa completions. If you opt for Recovery, one of our boosters will log into your account and run the raid with the rest of our pro team. All the rewards will be left on your character, and you’ll be able to watch the whole completion by requesting a live stream for a small extra fee. With the Sherpa option, you’ll be invited to a pro party and complete every encounter side by side with our boosters.

If you’re hunting down specific loot, there’s no need to run the raid over and over again hoping to get lucky. Just hire our pros to target-farm the items you want to get! For example, you can buy Vow of the Disciple Exotic weapon from us and send our pro fireteam to farm specifically for the raid’s exotic pulse rifle, Collective Obligation. This boost guarantees the exotic drop but does not include a full raid completion: we’ll beat the last encounter as many times as it takes to get the weapon, but we won’t run the whole instance. The same applies to armor boosts. In case you buy Destiny 2 Disciple armor, our boosters will farm all five pieces for you, running only the encounters that drop the needed items.

Other boosting options for the raid include Legendary item boosts, the Disciple Slayer title boost, and Vow of the Disciple challenges boost that comes in a weekly and monthly package.

Run Destiny 2 Raids Like a Pro

Tired of looking for a party and ending up with nooby or toxic teammates? Want to play with skilled gamers who love Destiny 2 as much as you do? Or just want to claim all those juicy raid rewards without grinding for hours? Look no further, Guardian! WowVendor’s Disciple boosting service collection has everything you need.

From specific raid loot farming to full-blown Master completions, all our boosts are performed by the most skilled Destiny 2 players with years of gaming experience behind their belts. No matter if you buy Vow of the Disciple gear or team up with our pros for a Sherpa session, you’ll always get the best results and the highest level of service possible.

Still not sure WowVendor is a perfect fit for you? Here’s why thousands of gamers choose us as their #1 boosting provider:

  • Low prices

We always keep our prices competitive, but never at the expense of the quality of our services. You pay less and still get your boosts done fast and effectively.

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Whether you are a current customer or just a first-timer on our website, our Support specialists will be glad to answer all your questions at any time of the day or night.

  • Flexible raid schedule

Beat raids with our pros and get your Recovery runs done when it’s convenient for you.

  • Account security & safe payments

We take online security very seriously and make sure your personal data is safe whenever you pay for your boosts or our players perform account sharing.

  • Money back guarantee

If we’ve done something wrong and there’s no other way to fix things, we always offer full refunds to all our customers.

  • Reliable boosting service

With over eight years on the market, WowVendor is a titan of the boosting industry that has helped more than 100,000 players worldwide to make their in-game dreams come true.

A final boss kill, a Disciple challenges boost, hardcore raid runs, or exotic weapon farm – just take your pick and start making the most of Destiny 2 raids right now!

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Great Job as Usual.
Thanks again WowVendor for a great and rewarding experience. I appreciate my team's professionalism and speed with which this service was done!
Definitely legit
They did 1 hour of getting orokin cells. And finished my master rank 30 test on warframe. Thank you
Quick M+20's to fill bank tabs.
Quick M+20's to fill bank tabs.
Great fast learning Curve
Great fast learning Curve, and good fast fu
Very satisfied with service 😀
Very satisfied with service 😀
Never dissapointed
Never dissapointed, good work!
Awesome team
Awesome team! They are friendly and kindly. It was fast run and no problem. Thank you team!!!!!
Love this website and their teams
Love this website and their teams, fun every time
Great Experience
As per usual the service provided was excellent. Happy with the end result as well.
great work excellent service
great work excellent service
Once again great fast runs all done
Once again great fast runs all done
Accurate, punctual and very professional.
Continued excellent service.
Continued excellent service.
Efficient and quick delivery of what…
Efficient and quick delivery of what you require. Very good.
speedy intime runs
speedy intime runs
The whole process was very easy and…
The whole process was very easy and worry free.
One raid ilvl without vault 455 =>464
Did not get anything useful until the last three bosses. Then got a BIS bow, chest, and legs for the 9 point ilvl improvement.
i have 5 strokes so lay ia difficult to…
i have 5 strokes so lay ia difficult to say the least but the group made sure i stayed alive and finished in great time.
Very fast and very reliable
Very fast and very reliable. Could not ask for a better team to help fulfill some goals and obtain weapons and armor, that ordinarily a solo player could not obtain. This group is amazing. They get the job done and they do it going above and beyond expectations.
Thanks for the carry.
Thanks for the carry.
Order was filled within minutes
Order was filled within minutes. Run was a 1shot. Could not have been more efficient
Always am happy with the services…
Always am happy with the services provided by WowVendor. Great customer service, attention to deal with more than fair pricing! Thanks!
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Fast and convenient
Fast morning run!
Fast morning run!

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