Vault of the Incarnates Normal Raid Carry

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Buying this service will get you a full clearing of the Vault of the Incarnates raid on Normal difficulty.

Embark on an Epic journey to defeat Primalists and stop Raszageth before it is too late. Fight within the great Titan structure now known as the Vault of Incarnates. Participate in 8 breathtaking Boss encounters. Fate of the Dragon Isles and the whole Azeroth lies upon your shoulders once again, champion. Stop evil-doers from achieving their plans, and of course, reap the shiny rewards in the process.
Vault of the Incarnates features total of 8 bosses, with Raszageth the Storm-Eater being the last one.


  • All runs are scheduled
  • Check the schedule widget for more info


8/8 bosses
1 of 3 ilvl 389-398 rewards of your choice in the Weekly great vault
Armor Type and Tier Token Reservation
x4 random ilvl 389-398 per raid guaranteed. Other drops are rolled.
x3 more loot than in a Standard run
8/8 bosses
1 of 3 ilvl 389-398 rewards of your choice in the Weekly great vault
Armor Type and Tier Token Reservation
x2 random ilvl 389-398 per raid guaranteed. Other drops are rolled.
8/8 bosses
1 of 3 ilvl 389-398 rewards of your choice in the Weekly great vault
Chance at loot via rolling
x1 random ilvl 389-398 drops per boss being rolled

Premium: Full raid clear with armor type and tier tokens reservation. Armor type reservation means that you will be the only boostie of your specific armor type, and all gear of your armor type will be competition-free. Four drops per raid are guaranteed, where weapons, trinkets, and accessories are being rolled, while armor and tier tokens are yours with no competition. Every drop you get, be it – weapon, armor, accessory — counts towards the guarantee.
Advanced: Full raid clear with armor type and tier tokens type reservation. Armor type reservation means that you will be the only boostie of your specific armor type, and all gear of your armor type will be competition-free. Two drops per raid are guaranteed, where weapons, trinkets, and accessories are being rolled, while armor and tier tokens are yours with no competition. Every drop you get, be it – weapon, armor, accessory — counts towards the guarantee.
Standard: Simple raid completion. All the dropped loot is being rolled. On average such raid results in 0-2 items of gear. No loot guarantees, due to revamped looting system.
Additional Option available: You can add full Heroic run of the Vault of the Incarnates with the same looting option to your run with a 10% discount. Raid time for such option will be scheduled individually. Feel free to contact a Customer Service representative to schedule a run at the most convenient time to you.

Vault of the Incarnates achievement
• Chance to get ilvl 389-398 loot
• x1 out x3 ilvl 389-398 items of your choosing in the Great Vault
• Chance at looting Renewed Proto-Drake: Embodiment of the Storm-Eater – Raszageth skin for your Renewed Proto-Drake

Here’s what waits inside:



Most raid events are scheduled. You can check the schedule widget to get details on the nearest Standard raid time. In order to check Advanced or Premium option schedules and slot availability, select your class and specialization first. Raid boost purchase duration will take you mere seconds to complete.


The Standard raid option does not guarantee any amount of dropped loot rewards. However, you will get gear from the Weekly Great Vault and can roll for dropped items suitable for you during the raid. Advanced and Premium options guarantee you getting at least 2 and 4 items from the raid, respectively.


There is a random amount of buyers with no armor type and token type reservation in the Standard option. It means that you may have strong competition or no competition at all for the dropped gear. In both Advanced and Premium options, you will be the only buyer of your armor and token types, meaning you will never have any competition for the dropped gear.


It depends on the number of buyers in the raid. On average, each boss drops x1 random ilvl 389-398 item that is being rolled in the Standard raid option. Check in with the official boss loot drop rates to see what items are most likely to drop during your run.


Not at all. All you need to do is tag (hit) boss once, and then you are free to afk throughout the fight. In some cases a raid leader may provide instructions that you’ll need to follow. The instructions will be clear, not complicated and won’t have you do anything out of the ordinary.


Yes. Contact our Customer Service agent, and they will help you. However, your raid time might change if you switch a character.


You can roll for all the available loot.


No, to maximize security, all communication must be held via a Customer Service agent.


If your item guarantee hasn’t been met during your initial Advanced or Premium run, you will be invited to another raid at a later date to fulfill the guarantee. You can learn more about the additional runs and its terms by clicking this link.


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Dragonflights new epic PvE adventure sends you to the dragons‘ kingdom to enter an ancient Titan prison and stop Raszageth from freeing her horrendous siblings. Inside the instance, youll have to fight your way through eight encounters, the last being an epic battle with the formidable Storm-Eater herself. 

Even on Normal, it can still be pretty difficult to get a good guild together and run VotI enough times to earn the most desired loot and epic gear. And those Vault of the Incarnates Normal bosses are not easy to slay at all. Each requires a well-thought-out strategy, a certain team composition, solid skill and total commitment as everyone on your team has to know their job and do it well. You shouldnt really expect less from endgame content, but that doesnt change the fact that preparing for such an endeavor is tiring and utterly hard. But it doesnt have to be! If you don’t want to bother with the raid-prep chores, go get our WoW Vault of the Incarnates Normal raid boost and leave the rest to our pro gamers.

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