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Do you want to skip the grind and max out your character in no time?
Our professional player will raise your Exile’s level in your preferred league, completing story acts and labyrinths and earning a wealth of skill points for your Passive Skill Tree. With our service, you can choose the most convenient leveling option and dive straight into the endgame, saving tons of time and effort.
Elevate your gaming experience today with WowVendor!

The exact completion time of the service depends on your preferred boosting options and the current state of your character. Here are our average ETA numbers for Path of Exile power leveling:

Option Softcore Softcore Express Hardcore Hardcore Express
1-70 12 hours 8 hours 20 hours 14 hours
1-80 18 hours 12 hours 2 days 1 day
1-90 2 days 1 day 3 days 2 days
70-75 4 hours 2 hours 8 hours 4 hours
75-80 4 hours 2 hours 8 hours 4 hours
80-85 8 hours 4 hours 12 hours 8 hours
85-90 8 hours 4 hours 12 hours 8 hours
90-95 12 hours 8 hours 1 days 16 hours
95-100 4 days 3 days 6 days 5 days

SSF options significantly increase lead times, up to 100%

• Choose your league
• Choose the desired leveling option
If you need custom power leveling, feel free to get in touch with our Sales Managers. They are always ready to craft a personalized offer that perfectly matches your requirements.

The Eternal Labyrinth completion is available as an additional option;
For post-leveling currency needs, we suggest checking out our Divine Orbs service. Best prices and fast delivery are guaranteed!

Your Path of Exile character at the desired level
• 24 skill points for completing campaign quests
Access to the Atlas map device
• Instant access to the end-game content
All the loot and resources received during the boost are yours to keep.

You will get Normal, Cruel and Merciless labyrinths completion for free when you purchase the following options in any league:
• 1-70 Leveling
• 1-80 Leveling
• 1-90 Leveling


How long does it take to get to lvl 100 in PoE?

Getting from level 1 to 100 requires more than 4 billion XP. It takes about two weeks for most players, or around 10 days for those who play more intensively.

How do you level up fast in PoE?

For general tips, focus on maximizing your speed, getting a powerful build, farming mobs on higher-tier maps, and avoiding deaths to prevent XP loss. If you seek the fastest way to level up, consider using boosting services like WowVendor.

What is the strongest leveling skill in PoE?

The answer varies based on your class and playstyle. Some strong skills for leveling include Splitting Steel, Spellslinger, Toxic Rain with Mirage Archer, and Flame Wall and Fire Trap for Ignite Witches.

What is the best item for leveling in PoE?

Some of the most effective Path of Exile leveling gear is Seven-League Step boots, Karui Ward amulet, Lochtonial Caress gauntlets, Blackheart ring, Tabula Rasa robe, Goldrim cap, Wanderlust shoes, and Atziri’s Foible amulet. These items offer valuable bonuses or unique gem mechanics to speed up your leveling and give you an edge in combat.

Money-Back Guarantee

You can request a full refund before the start of your carry. You can also get a partial refund, depending on the current boosting progress

If we experience any issues completing your order, you can get a compensation in WowVendor store credit, game time, or bonus boosts

Payment Security

1. Your payment data is not stored on our servers

2. PayPal customer protection for 6 months after the boost

3. PCI DSS Level 1 Compliance for all payments

Online Support 24/7

Our sales & service average reply time is less than 5 minutes any time day or night

After you purchase the boost, your manager will guide you through the entire process

Best Price Guarantee

WowVendor has some of the best prices on the market. We are in business since 2014 and are ready to offer you the finest boosting services in 38 video-games!

Found a lower price elsewhere? No problem! Send a message to our support team and we will provide you with a discount coupon matching the price difference

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A great experience
A great experience! have used once before, keeps getting better each time! highly suggest!
Excellent team
Excellent team. Got M+20 dungeons done in record time.
First time customer
First time customer. Excellent service and communication! Very fast and reliable! Would recommend to anyone curious about these services!
Great service with a super nice…
Great service with a super nice customer service
Timely and very professional!
Timely and very professional!
Great Job as Usual.
Thanks again WowVendor for a great and rewarding experience. I appreciate my team's professionalism and speed with which this service was done!
Definitely legit
They did 1 hour of getting orokin cells. And finished my master rank 30 test on warframe. Thank you
Quick M+20's to fill bank tabs.
Quick M+20's to fill bank tabs.
Great fast learning Curve
Great fast learning Curve, and good fast fu
Very satisfied with service 😀
Very satisfied with service 😀
Never dissapointed
Never dissapointed, good work!
Awesome team
Awesome team! They are friendly and kindly. It was fast run and no problem. Thank you team!!!!!
Love this website and their teams
Love this website and their teams, fun every time
Great Experience
As per usual the service provided was excellent. Happy with the end result as well.
great work excellent service
great work excellent service
Once again great fast runs all done
Once again great fast runs all done
Accurate, punctual and very professional.
Continued excellent service.
Continued excellent service.
Efficient and quick delivery of what…
Efficient and quick delivery of what you require. Very good.
speedy intime runs
speedy intime runs
The whole process was very easy and…
The whole process was very easy and worry free.
One raid ilvl without vault 455 =>464
Did not get anything useful until the last three bosses. Then got a BIS bow, chest, and legs for the 9 point ilvl improvement.
i have 5 strokes so lay ia difficult to…
i have 5 strokes so lay ia difficult to say the least but the group made sure i stayed alive and finished in great time.
Very fast and very reliable
Very fast and very reliable. Could not ask for a better team to help fulfill some goals and obtain weapons and armor, that ordinarily a solo player could not obtain. This group is amazing. They get the job done and they do it going above and beyond expectations.

Rated 4.8 out of 5 based on 27,771 reviews

Fast-Track Your Powerleveling Journey With WowVendor

Leveling up your character in Path of Exile can be extremely time-consuming, requiring countless hours of gameplay. While leveling is essential to unlocking high-end content and maximizing your character’s potential, the journey can often feel like a daunting grind.

At WowVendor, we offer a Path of Exile powerleveling service that allows you to bypass the arduous leveling process and dive straight into the heart of the action. Our boost services are designed to save you precious time and effort, ensuring that you can fully enjoy the thrilling aspects of the game without the tedium of grinding.

Explore the various options available with our PoE leveling service and discover a quicker path to the game’s best content. Skip the boring grind and embark on exciting new adventures with WowVendor!

Explore Our Path of Exile Power Leveling Options to Tailor Your Boosting Experience

WowVendor provides a variety of PoE power leveling services, with options catering to both new players and game veterans alike.

To begin, you can select your league and choose the desired power level range to match your character’s current state. For those seeking a more personalized approach, our custom Path of Exile power leveling boost is available. Simply contact our Customer Support via the website’s chat, and we’ll work with you to create a tailored power leveling solution that meets your specific requirements.

It’s important to note that our PoE level boosting is executed through account sharing. This means that a skilled booster from our team will securely access your PoE account and carry out all the power leveling duties on your behalf. This includes completing story acts and labyrinths to earn XP and quest skill points for your character. Additionally, for your peace of mind, you have the option to observe the whole process through a private stream.

At WowVendor, we are dedicated to providing you with flexible and reliable Path of Exile power leveling options that align with your gaming goals. Whether you’re seeking to level up a new character or want to make that final leap to reach the max level, our team is here to assist you every step of the way, making your Path of Exile power leveling journey a seamless and enjoyable one.

Enjoy a Fast and Hassle-Free PoE Power Leveling Process With WowVendor

In choosing WowVendor for your power leveling needs, you unlock a world of benefits that enhance your Path of Exile experience.

By opting for our Path of Exile leveling services, you will get:
Efficiency: Our skilled professional players will boost you to the desired character level and help you delve right into the game’s most exciting content in record times. Some of our options allow you to enjoy a significant level boost in just a few hours!

Customization: Whether you choose from our available Path of Exile power leveling offers or request a custom service, we always ensure a personalized and tailored experience.

Account Security: Your account’s safety is paramount. We utilize secure account-sharing methods to perform power leveling tasks while safeguarding your personal information and in-game assets.

Expertise: Our boosters are seasoned Path of Exile players with a deep understanding of the game’s mechanics. You can rely on their knowledge to navigate the power leveling process seamlessly.

Quality Guarantee: WowVendor is committed to delivering a high-quality service that meets your expectations and exceeds them. Your satisfaction is our priority.

24/7 Customer Support: Our dedicated Customer Support team is readily available to assist you, ensuring your questions are answered and your concerns are addressed promptly.

Boost your in-game journey with our PoE power leveling services and unlock the full potential of your character in no time!

Online support 24/7

  • Average response time is under 5 minutes
  • Multilingual customer support
  • Professional, friendly, and non-toxic communication