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Chaos Orbs are a cornerstone of the game’s economy, enabling you to enhance your character’s equipment and acquire valuable items. With our service, you can effortlessly secure any amount of Chaos Orbs, saving time and skipping the tedious grind.
Choose your Path of Exile Chaos Orb package now and unlock a world of possibilities to enrich your gameplay!

ETA: 1-12 Hours
• The exact delivery time depends on the chosen Chaos Orb package.

• Choose your league
• Choose the desired Chaos Orb package
• If you find yourself in need of a specific amount of Chaos Orbs, feel free to get in touch with our Sales Managers. They are always ready to craft a personalized offer that perfectly matches your requirements.

• The desired amount of Chaos Orbs will be delivered to your account

ATTENTION: During the trade, make sure to place any junk item of rare quality as your offering. It’s crucial that the item is rare and not unique or magic. Also, please remember to limit your chat interactions with the trader to simple greetings. Most importantly, avoid mentioning anything that might indicate the purchase.


What are Chaos Orbs used for in PoE?

Previously known as Chaos Sphere, a Chaos Orb is essential in crafting, allowing you to reforge new random modifiers on a rare item. To re-roll random modifiers, right-click the orb and then left-click a rare item. Additionally, Chaos Orbs are a significant currency in trading, acting as the “silver standard” in the player-driven economy. They are commonly used to buy low- to mid-tier items at the auction house.

How much is Chaos Orb worth?

The value of Chaos Orbs varies based on your league and the current in-game market conditions. On average, you would spend around 200-250 Chaos for a Divine Orb and 15-30 Chaos for an Exalted Orb.

Where to find Chaos Orbs in PoE?

Chaos Orbs can be obtained through various means in PoE. They have a chance to drop from defeated monsters, chests, and destructible containers, including Arcanist’s Strongboxes. Additionally, you can acquire Chaos Orbs through full rare item set vendor recipes and by exchanging divination cards. You also have the option to gather Chaos Shards, with every twenty shards forming one Chaos Orb.

Can you buy Chaos Orbs in PoE?

Yes, you can. You have the option to obtain up to three Chaos orbs by using a vendor recipe that involves trading a full set of rare items. Additionally, you can buy Chaos Orbs from an NPC vendor without the recipe, usually in exchange for 3x Orbs of Alchemy. Moreover, currency platforms like WowVendor offer Chaos Orb packages for purchase as well.

How do you buy Chaos Orbs?

Purchasing Chaos Orbs at WowVendor is very simple. Begin by placing your order for the desired Chaos Orb package. We will reach out to you to arrange the trade details and schedule. When the time comes, you’ll meet with our booster in the game, accept their trade request, and provide a rare item in return for your purchased Path of Exile currency. After that, you can freely spend your Chaos Orb stash on all the crafts and purchases you want.

Money-Back Guarantee

You can request a full refund before the start of your carry. You can also get a partial refund, depending on the current boosting progress

If we experience any issues completing your order, you can get a compensation in WowVendor store credit, game time, or bonus boosts

Payment Security

1. Your payment data is not stored on our servers

2. PayPal customer protection for 6 months after the boost

3. PCI DSS Level 1 Compliance for all payments

Online Support 24/7

Our sales & service average reply time is less than 5 minutes any time day or night

After you purchase the boost, your manager will guide you through the entire process

Best Price Guarantee

WowVendor has some of the best prices on the market. We are in business since 2014 and are ready to offer you the finest boosting services in 38 video-games!

Found a lower price elsewhere? No problem! Send a message to our support team and we will provide you with a discount coupon matching the price difference

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Always a smooth great experience with…
Always a smooth great experience with WowVendor. The team was fantastic!
Great run !!
Great run !!
Good Clean Fun
Quick and worry free run, as always.
Longer than expected boost but successful
The boost went fairly well this time. Took a little longer than expected as the initial booster required support to assist the carry (guess it was a difficult lobby). Nonetheless the team persevered and got it done in two days instead of one.
Actual carrying out raid was good
Actual carrying out raid was good. Audio missing from steam
Trustworthy, quick and reliable
fast delivery
fast delivery
Perfect as usual.
Perfect as usual.
Great experience using this service
Great experience using this service. Customer Service goes above and beyond to be helpful with orders and boosters. Would definitely recommend. Again, special thanks to the boosters. Top notch work.
superb.5 star
superb.5 star order 1404343 order 1406470
Great group of guys
Great group of guys. Thanks again!
Mythic + 4x18 Bulk Deal
Whether you buy one or several you will not be disappointed. These people are AWESOME
Another easy Heroic WoW RAID
Another Heroic WoW RAID. Fast and easy as usual.
Done when needed though a tad fast but…
Done when needed though a tad fast but still fun
Great service Sherpa made it very easy…
Great service Sherpa made it very easy quick and efficient! Well done! Very nice and taught some very useful tips and tricks for future raids! 10 outa 10 would recommend. Very well worth the money.
Awesome Service AAA+++
Awesome Service AAA+++
Really good and easy run
Really good and easy run! Well worth the price.
Helper was very fast and didn’t waste time …
Helper was very fast and didn’t waste time
Another fast and easy WoW raid ..
Another fast and easy WoW raid ... WowVendor is the best!
Quick and easy!
Very quick and professional service. Everyone is very nice and welcoming. Will definitely use again when I don't feel like running a full heroic!
why are the boosters loot locked
what i disliked is that it was kinda a bumpy run and the people doing all the boosting were loot locked so next to no loot dropped from the heroic standard run. And before any staff say talk to customer service about more loot options no it should be your staff talk to the boosters and make sure non are saved for each and every run that way a healthy amount of loot drops I gave this another shot to see if it would change and it didn't again if no one is saved 6-7 to seven items should be dropping per boss and when only 1-2 items are dropping it becomes very dissatisfying to buy the service.
Went fast and painless
Went fast and painless. Still no legendary. But was fun
Fast and efficient
Fast and efficient. I’ve been trying to get this done for two weeks they were able to do it in one day very satisfied recommend to others.
Great experience
Great experience - as promised!

Rated 4.8 out of 5 based on 27,902 reviews

Discover WowVendor’s Path of Exile Chaos Orb Services to Enhance Your Gear with Ease

We know exactly how hard and upsetting PoE currency item farming can get. That’s why we are glad to offer you the ultimate solution. If you don’t want to waste your entire gaming sessions on the never-ending grind, WowVendor is here to help! Our boosting service provides a painless and absolutely stress-free way to get cheap Path of Exile currency in the shortest term possible.
On this very page, you can explore our best Chaos Orb deals and order your PoE currency package. Make your purchase now and start getting the most out of playing Path of Exile with WowVendor!

The Utmost Importance of Path of Exile Chaos Orbs

Even though a PoE Chaos orb is not the rarest and most hard-to-get currency item in Grinding Gear Games Path of Exile, it’s almost impossible to imagine the game’s economy without it.
Apart from serving as the main currency to exchange items and purchase resources at the auction, Chaos Orbs are useful for your crafting and upgrading needs. Used to re-roll the random modifiers on rare equipment, these orbs offer a great way to fine-tune your gear. The process relies solely on RNG, which can lead to unpredictable results, making it challenging to get a specific modifier. To increase their chances of rolling at least a few good modifiers, many players turn to a strategy called Chaos spamming, which involves applying multiple Chaos Orbs on a single gear piece.
Compared to other PoE currency items, Chaos Orbs are relatively easy to find. They can be obtained from slain monsters, chests, and destructible containers, with possible drops from Arcanist’s Strongboxes. The Chaos average drop rate of approximately 1.652% is significantly higher than Exalted Orbs and Divine Orbs drop rates. You can also acquire Chaos Orbs from divination cards and vendor recipes in fairly decent numbers.
However, the problem with Chaos Orb farming is not the rarity but rather the quantity actually needed to be farmed. To afford something really valuable, you’ll need to spend a lot of Chaos Orbs. For instance, a single Divine Orb costs around 200-250 Chaos currently, so you can imagine the effort needed to build up a sizeable stash of Divine Orbs.
Chaos Orb farming is a tiring, time-consuming, and awfully repetitive activity. But with WowVendor, it doesn’t have to be! Buying currency on our website will save you days of arduous grind and help you get your orbs fast and easily in just a couple of clicks.

Getting PoE Chaos Orb Services at WowVendor

To buy Chaos Orbs, you simply need to choose the league you play and the Chaos Orb package you want us to deliver. When your order is paid for, we’ll get in touch with you to arrange a delivery.
Getting your orbs delivered is no different from regular player-to-player trade. All you have to do is prepare any rare item that’s of no use to you and exchange it for your orbs when you meet with our booster in-game at the scheduled time. It’s vital to provide a rare item, not magic or unique, so make sure you have one prepared for the trade. This transaction fully complies with the game’s trading rules, however, we strongly advise you to not mention the purchase in the in-game chat with our trader. If you do have questions, please send them to the manager who worked on your order or our Customer Support team here on the website.

WowVendor Is the Best Place to Buy PoE Currency, And Here’s Why

WowVendor is a well-established game boosting platform that has already helped more than 100,000 players achieve their in-game goals. Having been in the industry for over 8 years already, we are proud to offer safe and reliable Chaos Orb services with fast delivery for the most affordable price on the market.

Fair Prices

Getting a Path of Exile boost at WowVendor is the best way to stock up on currency and afford any crafting upgrade you set your sight on. The PoE Chaos Orb price we currently offer is one of the lowest on the market. You are free to buy up to 2000 orbs per order, but if you need more or there’s a specific amount of this PoE currency you’re after, we’re always happy to negotiate a custom deal.

Fast Delivery

They say that you cannot get rich overnight, but with WowVendor, it is totally possible. Having thousands of Chaos Orbs for sale, we can deliver your order in under just 12 hours in the US region! The exact delivery time for each particular purchase is calculated individually, but normally, it doesn’t take more than a day for a customer to receive their desired orbs.

Top-Notch Security

When buying at WowVendor, you can always be sure that your personal data is not exposed to any harm. We take all the essential security measures to guarantee protected money transactions and keep your game account safe. Our Customer Support team is online 24/7 and happy to help you in any way they can, so feel free to contact them with all your questions at any time.
If you’re tired of the endless grind and slow in-game progress, don’t hesitate to shop for cheap PoE Chaos orb packs here at WowVendor to finally make your in-game wishes come true!

Online support 24/7

  • Average response time is under 5 minutes
  • Multilingual customer support
  • Professional, friendly, and non-toxic communication