Transmogrification Guide: Doctor Strange

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Hello and welcome to the new Transmogrification guide brought to you by WoVendor Team.

This time we will be looking at a way to turn your caster from a simple wizard into the Sorcerer Supreme – Dr. Stephen Strange himself!

Requirements: A cloth-wearing class and preferably a male human for obvious reasons.

So, here are the armor pieces you need, in order to copy this look:

Mistscape Armor – a classic chest piece

Cloak of Impulsiveness – our stand-in for the Cloak of Levitation

Replica Magister’s Crown – headpiece to replicate cloak’s collar

Exquisite Sunderseer Mantle – shoulder piece to help the cloak “pop”

Stylish Blue Shirt – second component to the chest slot

Abjurer’s Pants – classic blue pants, perfect for our look

Glowing Magical Bracelets – yes, the wristguards matter in this look, due to our pick for gloves

Wild Gladiator’s Satin Gloves – here are the gloves in question

This transmogrification set will surely help you feel the sensation of playing as well-known character, and I got to say – casting arcane spells with your mage while rocking this mog feels amazing even if it is comprised of mostly quite old models.

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