Reach Renown 5 with Keg Leg’s Crew to Unlock New Vendor

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Did you know that achieving Renown 5 with Keg Leg’s Crew opens access to a new vendor offering a range of gear upgrade currencies?

Reach Renown 5 with Keg Leg's Crew to Unlock New Vendor

WoW’s very first battle royale, Plunderstorm, is in full swing with various enticing rewards. As you progress through each Renown milestone with the Keg Leg’s Crew, you’ll reap corresponding transmogs, pets, titles, mounts, and even quests accordingly. Notably, when you reach Renown 5, you will receive more than just the Calcified Claymore appearance, as a new vendor will also appear in WoW retail.

Log into a level 70 character in the game’s retail version, and you’ll be greeted with the quest titled “A Keg-Stamped Package.” Upon completing this quest at the Valdrakken Inn, you’ll receive 15 BoA Keg-Stamped Coins. With them, you will be able to purchase from the new vendor the following items:

For further details regarding all the rewards available during the Plunderstorm event, make sure to pay this article a visit:

Keg Leg’s Crew Renown

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