Most Popular Covenants in WoW Shadowlands patch 9.2.5

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Patch 9.2.5 was recently released on the retail WoW Shadowlands servers, and with it came cross-faction play and many quality-of-life changes, from all the Torgast wings being permanently open all at once, to new ways to gain renown. But how have the basic mechanics changed? What are the most popular covenants in patch 9.2.5?

WoW 9.2.5 Best Covenants for All Classes

Choosing a covenant in WoW 9.2.5 should be done as early as possible, as it affects all gameplay for your class. It affects the abilities and bonuses a character gets, their efficiency in raids, dungeons or PvP. The tables show the best covenants for all classes in patch 9.2.5 based on having two legendary items and a full tier set.

The covenants are distributed as follows for brevity and greater perception: Night Fae — NF, Kyrian — K, Venthyr — V, Necrolord — N.

Best Healer Covenants 9.2.5

Healer Spec Best Covenant
Raid Mythic+
Restor Dru NF (More DPS/HPS) N (More Healing)
MW Monk N/V (More HPS) K/N/V
Holy Paladin V (More Damage)/N (Nice Alternative) V/N
Disc Priest V (DPS) K
Holy Priest NF K (Excellent DPS)
Restor Sham N (AoE Healing)/V (Damage/Healing balance) K

The most common choice for Mythic+ is Kyrians. This is due to this covenants’s unique and very useful abilities for healers, such as Shaman’s Vesper Totem to deal more damage and heal all allies, which affects the speed of completion for high level keys. A nice bonus for everyone is Phial of Serenity, which restores health and removes many debuffs.

Best Tank Covenants 9.2.5

Tank Spec Best Covenant
Raid Mythic+
BDK K (Nice Cleave DPS)/N (Second Mass Grip)/NF (Stationary Fights) N/NF
Vengeance DH K (Extra souls + DPS) K
Guardian Dru NF (Defensive + Offensive)/V (Cleave) NF/V/K (Great Balance)
Prot Paladin V (High DPS)/NF (Buffs) K (DPS + Defensive)
Prot War K (Simple and Fun)/N K/N (Extremely active)
Brewmaster Monk K (Simplest)/N K/N (Alternative)

The purpose of a tank is to soak all the damage, preventing it seeping through to DPS and healers, while dishing out some themselves. For example, take Prot Paladin with Venthyr and Night Fae. In the first case, you can deal a lot of damage and increase your mobility, in the second case, you’ll decide whether to deal damage yourself or give buffs to strong DPS in the raid. It’s easier with Kyrians, since this covenant gives a powerful AoE ability that deals a lot of damage and restores Holy Power.

Best DPS Covenants 9.2.5

DPS Spec Best Covenant
Raid Mythic+
FDK/Unholy N/NF (Strong Cleave) N (Grip + DPS)/NF
Feral Dru NF (Burst + Cleave) NF
Affliction/Demon Warlock NF (Great DPS) NF
Destr Warlock NF NF
Havoc DH V/NF (Mobility + DPS) NF/V (Single)
Surv Hunter NF (Single)/K (Cleave) K
BM Hunter NF (Good Single + Cleave) NF
MM Hunter NF (Strong Single + Cleave) K (Heavy AoE)/NF
Arcane Mage K (Single + Cleave) K
Fire Mage NF (Strong Cleave) NF
Frost Mage V (Best with 2 set pieces)/N (Single) NF (More DPS)
Shadow Priest N (DPS) N
Elem Sham NF=N NF=N
Balance Dru NF (Very Strong Cooldown) NF
Assassin Rogue NF (Mobility)/N V (Single)/N (Strong Cleave)
Outlaw Rogue K (More Cleave)/V (Single) K/N (Balance)
Sub Rogue V (AoE)/K (Heavy Single) V
Enh Sham NF (Single)/N (AoE)/V (AoE) NF/N/V
Arms War NF (Multi Target)/K (Strong Target) NF/K
Fury War N (More DPS)/NF/K (Massive Burst) K/NF (AoE)
WW Monk K (Single)/N (AoE) K/N

Covenants for DPS are mainly focused on overall damage increase. In Mythic+ you need to do it quickly and in large quantities. In raids you need stable DPS flow, which some covenants can’t provide due to long cooldowns or too much burst skills.

How to Choose Covenant?

Choosing a covenant is always tricky because you have to take into account abilities, conduits, your raid or Mythic+ priorities. More often than not, DPS emphasis is on increasing AoE damage or burst/tunneling into a single target — that’s what you should use. While Night Fae DH is great with «The Hunt», which gives powerful burst damage, Venthyr DH will do a lot more DPS to a single target.

You’ll find all the information you need for each covenant in the tables, but don’t forget that a lot depends on the legendary item and gameplay conditions. Sometimes you need to be more mobile and Night Fae/Venthyr with their Soulshape and teleportation will help, and sometimes Phial of Serenity from Kyrians with instant health regeneration will be indispensable.

All group members must deal high damage in order to pass the Mythic+ in time to get a higher key. At the same time you need to position your character correctly, follow the tactics and don’t die. Try to use all available covenant skills to extract maximum effectiveness. For example, Soulshape for Prot Paladin is an opportunity to provoke and collect enemies at a long range, but the main skill Blessing of the Seasons will be weaker than Ventyr’s Ashen Hallow.

Best Covenant Abilities in Shadowlands 9.2.5

Covenant abilities haven’t changed since the release of Shadowlands Patch 9.2.5, but some certain skills still stand out.

Top 5 covenantAbilities:

5. «Abomination Limb» DK — allows you to draw opponents to you and deal damage;

4. «The Hunt» DH — Deals huge AoE and single target damage, allows you to move quickly to the enemy, sweeping away everything in your path;

3. «Flagellation» Rogue — Very strong burst skill, dealing high damage and increasing Haste.

2. «Divine Toll» Paladin — deals powerful AoE damage and synergizes well with a lot of class skills;

1. «Convoke the Spirits» Druid — A very powerful burst ability that allows you to use 16 Druid Skills in 4 seconds. Give your enemies a real «Skillfall».

The abilities of the other classes are also strong and noteworthy, but these stand out due to their great use for the class and interesting mechanics.

New Renown Activity in WoW 9.2.5

In addition to story missions, сross-faction and other improvements, there were some renown activity changes:

These changes will significantly speed up all alts to renown level 80.

If your path in Shadowlands has not yet begun, but you want to start high-level content as soon as possible, you can ask for help from the professionals dealing with Shadowlands powerleveling, and in a few hours you will have a level 60 character.

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