The Most Annoying WoW Achievements That Will Make You Want to Quit

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Achievements are famously a big part of World of Warcraft. Hardcore gamers spend months and even years trying to beat some of the toughest challenges Blizzard put into WoW over the years. This catalog, however, includes the Top Most Annoying WoW Achievements of All Time, a rare and hard bunch.

Achievements are a weird part of this game. Of course, the mounts, titles, and other rewards are reason enough to try and accomplish such challenges. For some, it’s all about bragging rights or enduring hardships, but some of these feats border on insanity. They require nerves of steel, ages of free time, and unending commitment.


Reward: none

Starting with one of the Most Useless WoW Achievements, this one demands that you complete any world quests 10000 times. It’s the last in the line of 7 similar tasks, which require you to complete smaller amounts of such activities. None of them award you anything besides the feeling of accomplishment.

Because it was added in Legion, if you played the game actively since that expansion, you could’ve passively made good progress by now. There isn’t much sense in grinding it on purpose, although it is easier compared to some of the Worst WoW Achievements Ever found on this list.


Reward: title “the Insane”

Insane in the Membrane requires players to have an Honored reputation with Bloodsail Buccaneers, as well as Exalted with the four factions of the Steamwheedle Cartel, Ravenholdt, and Darkmoon Faire. The problem is that some of them are rivals, and being liked by pirates means you’re disliked by goblins. It’s not among the Most Infamous WoW Achievement, but it is insane.

It is a highly recommended challenge, simply because the title you get from it is one of the best in the game. It’s also not crazy hard, especially because you don’t need to earn the two parts simultaneously. You just need to have one and the other at some point in the game. And it’s technically a Feat of Strength, but it still fits the topic.


Reward: Reins of the Violet Proto-Drake

Now for a truly time-consuming task, this one is a holiday challenge that incorporates more trials. They, in turn, ask you to complete several activities from time-gated celebratory events held throughout the year. That includes the Lunar Festival, Children’s Week,  Love is in the Air, Midsummer, Hallow’s End, Noblegarden, Brewfest, and Winter Veil.

The “activities” in question are another layer of challenges: some relatively easy, some pretty hard. Time is the main difficulty in this feat, as you’ll have to complete all these smaller challenges in a limited time throughout the year. Miss one, and you’ll have to wait another 12 months, making it one of the Most Time-Consuming WoW Achievements.


Reward: title “Khan”

Khan is a PvP challenge of the highest order. To obtain it, one needs to attain the Mastery of 5 different battlegrounds (the list can be found in the description). Each has an achievement with more tasks within, making it one of the Most Frustrating WoW Achievements.

These are given to players who excel in certain activities specific to these battlegrounds. The criteria also vary in complexity, from simply reaching 100 victories to situational accomplishments. Kotmogu is the easiest, with 8 such challenges, while Gilneas requires 13. It’s worth it, at least for the cool moniker.   


Reward: title “Hero of the Horde” or “Hero of the Alliance”

Hero of the Horde/Hero of the Alliance is available in each new PvP season. To get one or the other, you need to be one of the 0.5% best players (1 in 200) in rated battlegrounds for the respective faction by the end of the season. Suffice it to say, only the most powerful characters can climb that high, although the title is well worth it.

It’s one of those many WoW Achievements That Make You Rage, because of how much human factor there is here. You require a team of skilled highly-organized players and a measure of luck to not get pitted against similar trophy hunters. Fortunately, you only need to rank high once to get the title forever.


Reward: title “Esteemed” and Pureheart Courser

If you want to take a break from fighting players, you can try boosting reputations for a change. There are just above 100 factions with this mechanic in the game, so you’ll have to become friends with almost all of them to complete 100 Exalted Reputations. The factions in Dragonflight instead have renown, so their progress will not count.

The process is time-consuming, and not only because of the number of locations and factions to sieve through. Some reputations must be grinded by continuously dealing with large amounts of quests and mobs just to boost your standing with a group. It’s certainly not among the Most Irritating WoW Achievements, there is worse.


Reward: title “Warlord of Draenor”

The reward is a desirable title, but grinding the eponymous expansion for it is just unreasonable. Warlord of Draenor requires you to complete a simple quest in the Highmaul Coliseum, but it gets more interesting. The harder part is beating all seven “Nemesis” quests.

The last part requires you to beat 500 players from each of the seven enemy races. It needs to happen on Draenor, and the only place where it can potentially happen is the Ashran battleground, which isn’t very enjoyable. It was hard during WoD, and it’s positively one of the Most Tedious WoW Achievements now.


Reward: Prestigious Bloodforged Courser

The name of the challenge says it all. Achieve Honor level 500 and complete this extra-rare challenge to get yourself a fabulous mount to your name. It converts into over 4 million Honor Points, which is practically unreachable. It demands years upon years of constant PvP, which isn’t an ideal pastime.


Reward: title “Azeroth’s Champion”

Phenomenal Cosmic Power absolutely tops the list of the Most Difficult WoW Achievements (even though it’s a Feat of Strength, technically). Players must reach Rank 4 on 10 different essence types to obtain it. That includes a lot of Battle for Azeroth content, so strap in.The required essences come from raiding, battlegrounds, Mythic+, Warmode, reputations, Mechagon, Island Expeditions, rated PvP, Heart of Azeroth levels, and Nazjatar quests. Each activity has its own Rank 4 criteria, and most are tedious. If there are any WoW Achievements That Make You Want to Quit, it’s this one.

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