How to Get the Hidden Spirit Beast Pet for Hunters in Dragonflight

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A few hours ago, the Twitter account pine0922 revealed a unique hidden spirit beast pet for the hunters: Bloodgullet. Its appearance is a more spectral form of the Hailstorm Armoredon.


Despite its ghostly look, the new Dragonflight secret pet is actually tameable for the Beastmaster spec. This creature’s quest is pretty straightforward. The only challenge is its invisibility, making it impossible to spot under normal conditions. However, it’s easily solved with the Essence of Awakening, found at coordinates 85.7,20.8 in the Ohn’ahran Plains. Here, you will find a hut containing your precious purple dust. It grants you a one-hour buff, allowing you to see the beast.

Go to the meadows around 66.0., 43.0. The armored brute is leisurely strolling there. It’s an elite with a minimum level of 65. So if you’re below that, you won’t be able to tame it, as elite NPCs can only be tamed if their level is lower than that of the Beastmasters.

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