World of Warcraft Class Guide: How to Choose the Best Class in Dragonflight

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Azeroth is huge and it simply can’t be a world with only one hero. Ever since Warcraft III there has been an obvious division of heroes into certain classes, as their abilities were very different. This mechanic has successfully transferred to the World of Warcraft and gave players the gameplay, which is still interesting and relevant. Beginners in Dragonflight are faced with the most difficult choice. No, it’s not about finding a nickname, it’s about how to choose a class to dedicate all your time in the game to.

A month ago it was announced a new expansion for WoW called Dragonflight and we decided to prepare a special article for those who want to continue or just begin their journey in Azeroth. Immediately after the official announcement we posted Dragonflight Overview, where we described all known innovations and features.

WoW Specs and Races

There are 24 races in WoW: 12 in Alliance and 12 in Horde. The first 7 are basic:

The other 5 are allied and open after certain conditions are met as the game progresses:

More often than not, you should choose the race that you like most visually or can act as the class you want to play. At the moment it is believed that the Horde has a racial advantage over the Alliance. This is evidenced by statistics and the best guilds in the world that cope with the new challenges by playing as Horde much sooner.

Each race has its own bonuses that slightly affect gameplay, but still be useful. Simple example: Taurens stun enemies, collect herbs faster and have more HP, while Night Elfs move faster after death and get bonuses depending on the day or night in the world.

What are Specializations in World of Warcraft?

Heroes in Warcraft have certain roles around which the main gameplay is built. There are 3 of them in total:

Each has from 2 to 4 specializations, which are associated with one of the roles. We have prepared a special table for your convenience.

Class Specialization Tank Heal DD
Warrior Arms +
Protection +
Fury +
Paladin Retribution +
Holy +
Protection +
Hunter Survival (Surv) +
Beast Mastery (BM) +
Marksmanship (MM) +
Priest Discipline (DC) +
Shadow (SP) +
Holy +
Rogue Subtlety (Sub) +
Assassination +
Outlaw +
Druid Balance +
Feral +
Guardian +
Restoration (Restor) +
Shaman Elemental (Elem) +
Restoration +
Enhancement (Enh) +
Monk Brewmaster +
Windwalker (WW) +
Mistweaver (MW) +
Mage Fire +
Frost +
Arcane +
Warlock Affliction +
Destruction (Destr) +
Demonology +
Death Knight Blood +
Unholy +
Frost +
Demon Hunter Havoc +
Vengeance +

The classes and specializations are much more complex to understand than their role distributions. Each spec is worth looking at individually to determine your playing style.

DDs in WoW are also divided into melee, range and casters:

This allows developers to balance gameplay, add certain mechanics and tactics on bosses, and add uniqueness to each character. Tanks always fight in melee, while healers can restore allies wounds up close and at a distance.

WoW Dragonflight Best Classes to Choose in 2023

There are a total of 12 classes in the game, each of them unique in their own way. They all differ in playstyle, speed and abilities. Some are better in PvP, but weaker in PvE and vice versa. If you are a new player in WoW Dragonflight, you definitely need to know which class is the best to start with.


The classic choice in almost all MMORPG. Heavy melee fighter who prefers powerful weapons. Pretty hard to learn and has poor survivability. Deals good damage and acts as an excellent tank.

Worth choosing if you plan to play with a friend who will heal in a time of need. If you like mobile heroes, you should put Warrior aside.


An excellent choice to all newcomers who want to familiarize themselves with the basics of the game. Quite simple due to the presence of pets, which do most of the damage and take the attention of the opponents. Hunters act as melee and ranged fighters, which gives them a definite advantage during leveling and in the future.

If you’re just starting your journey in Azeroth, it’s definitely worth considering a Hunter. You will reach the maximum level pretty quickly, and the gameplay will be comfortable and safe.


The first caster on our list that requires the player to understand the game mechanics and rotation. It will be very difficult to start as a Mage. He fights in ranged combat with the most powerful spells of different magic, including ice, fire and arcane. Teleport to any city and open a portal to his allies, cook magic food and deal a lot of damage in a short period of time.

Choose only if you are already familiar with WoW and know how to use abilities properly. Quite mobile and protected.


One of the most difficult for newcomers to understand and gameplay. Requires you to correctly use abilities with and without invisibility, as well as their combination. Quite a fragile character with a lot of damage and abilities that allow you to avoid danger. Сontrol opponents, use invisibility and move quickly.

All specializations are difficult in their own way, and the character’s belonging to the melee forces you to once again look at the HP bar so as not to die. It is worth choosing if you are ready for a thorough study and have steel nerves. When you get it figured out and have some skills, the gameplay will be nothing but fun.


The first one that has a choice between DD and Healer. All specs are quite difficult to master, but itself is very sought after and strong. Restore allies HP with light magic and deal damage with dark spells. Almost unkillable.

Good option if you want to try yourself as a healer. Leveling will not cause inconvenience, as the character can heal himself, so it’s quite a good option for beginners.


A powerful spellcaster who summons demons to his aid. He casts spells and curses enemies, deals damage with destruction magic or summon an army of dark creatures that will fight at his side. Intuitive, but quite demanding.

Newcomers fairly quickly will be able to figure out and pass the leveling stage at the expense of demons, which take on the enemies attention. More complex content will require careful immersion in the mechanics and abilities.


A great hero no team can do without. Prefers heavy armor and different kinds of weapons. Punishes opponents and restores allies HP with light magic. Rather slow but easy to understand. Has a lot of defensive and healing skills, which makes Paladin friendly to beginners.

A good solution if you prefer solo gameplay. The character doesn’t need support and handles almost all content by himself. Suitable for beginners because of the small number of abilities.


The most difficult one. Has 4 specs and a huge amount of skills. Servants of nature, who call on her for help, take different forms to protect allies and inflict damage. Is difficult due to the constant change of forms. Unique in its own way, it has a great design.

Worth choosing to players who are familiar with Warrior, Mage or Rogue, since Druid is mostly similar to them. If you are a newcomer, it’s worth trying, but you’ll have to figure it out and learn how to assign abilities to hotkeys right away.


The name speaks for itself — the character uses the power of the elements to enhance his weapons, deal damage with spells of lightning, earth or fire, or heal allies with the power of the tides. Uses totems to enhance allies and fight enemies. Very mobile with a lot of healing abilities and high DPS.

Good for newcomers to the Enhancement specialization. It will allow you to kill enemies almost instantly and heal in seconds. Pretty little defensive abilities.


A great choice for anyone who wants to try their hand at being a tank, heal or DD. Fights in close combat, dealing hundreds of lethal blows with his fists to his opponents. Has a big advantage on the leveling phase due to a 50% bonus to experience gained. Very mobile with a lot of defensive and defensive abilities.

Beginners can easily start their journey as Monk and not worry about the character’s survival rate or the amount of damage dealt.

Death Knight

The first heroic character in the game, which starts at level 8. Former paladins who fell under Lich King influence. Use the power of unholy, blood or ice to gain superiority over the enemy. As a tank they heal themselves, unholy allows them to summon the dead to their side, and frost speeds up attacks and slows opponents.

Quite simple, but has its own features. Beginners are better to pay attention to the classic ones.

Demon Hunter

One of the easiest classes in World of Warcraft. Great for all beginners due to its stable and high DPS, as well as constant healing during attacks and after killing enemies. Very mobile and almost unkillable. Use Metamorphosis to take the demon form.

Bravely worth choosing if there is no desire to hang out in the book of spells and understand dozens of abilities. Very easy to master. Starts at level 8.

Final Thoughts about WoW Classes

It’s time to summarize what class is best for players beginning their journey in WoW Dragonflight.

TOP-5 Classes for WoW Beginners:

1. Hunter — definitely the best choice. The pets will do all the work;

2. Demon Hunter — mobile, with high DPS and good survivability;

3. Monk — easy to learn and very fast hero with a lot of healing;

4. Paladin — invincible warrior of light, who has no fear of any trials;

5. Warlock — demons perform as well as Hunters pets. Strong DD with a lot of potential.

Remember that these are just the usual top classes that are simple on the gameplay side and have everything you need to play as comfortably as possible. In any case, you should choose based on who you like best in terms of design or play style.

Although leveling became a lot easier with the release of many expansions, doing the same thing several times can be awfully boring. In that case you can boost your character level and not worry about wasted time.

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