Dragonflight UI Upgrade: Cast Bar Timer, Scalable Minimap, and More

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Dragonflight UI Upgrade: Cast Bar Timer, Scalable Minimap, and More

A recent Dragonflight UI upgrade has brought some exciting features that fans have been longing for since forever. These improvements include a cast bar timer, a scalable minimap, and the ability to move pet and buff frames around.

In the past, players had mixed feelings about Blizzard’s massive UI overhaul when the latest expansion first greeted its audience. Some loved it, others not so much. Despite the upgrades, many decided to stick with their addons. As there were many functions absent from the in-game UI. For example, the timer that shows the exact cast time of their skills or the ability to customize the minimap.

Fortunately, the recent upgrades have addressed many of these concerns. The cast bar timer is a game-changer for players who want to optimize their gameplay by knowing precisely when their skills will be ready. The developers managed to get it down to every millisecond. Additionally, they also let players freely rescale their minimap. And as if it’s not awesome enough, gamers can also position it wherever they want. Blizzard has also allowed players to move their pet and buff frames around. Thus, giving them even more control over their gaming experience.


Fans are no doubt appreciating these changes and are looking forward to more upgrades in the future. As for those who prefer the old Classic UI, there’s also an option to restore it with the help of Millanzarreta’s addon. Titled the Classic UI, you can find it on CurseForge. And if you need the link or more information on installing it, check out this article.

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