Dragonflight 10.1.5: Dawn of The Infinite Megadungeon Loot Table

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Dragonflight 10.1.5: Dawn of The Infinite Megadungeon Loot Table

Heroes of Azeroth, are you ready to discover what awaits you in the Dragonflight Patch 10.1.5: Dawn of the Infinite dungeon loot table?

Set to be released on July 11, alongside the thrilling launch of Patch 10.1.5: Fractures in Time, the mega-dungeon boasts eight formidable bosses. Each will offer a range of valuable drops tailored to meet the needs of all playable classes in World of Warcraft. Other than that, you can expect to see powerful trinkets, weapons, and an assortment of fascinating loot. Namely, Quantum items, Dragonriding mount customizations, and each and every piece of the Ensemble: Infinite Acolyte’s Regalia.

To assist you in your quest for these coveted treasures, we have prepared a comprehensive Dawn of the Infinite loot list outlining all the epic drops of the mega-dungeon with the help of Wowhead’s list. You will find them organized by gear type, ensuring that you can easily locate the items you desire. For further details about the mega-dungeon itself, check out our in-depth guide here:

What Is A Dungeon Loot Table?

A dungeon loot table is a predetermined list of items and rewards within a specific dungeon. These treasures are earned through triumphs over said instance’s major enemies and bosses. They serve as one of the motivations for players to conquer the challenges that lie ahead and claim their well-deserved spoils.

Wow Dragonflight Dawn of the Infinite Mega-Dungeon Loot Table

WoW Dragonflight Dawn of the Infinite Mega-Dungeon Loot Table

All the Loot Available in Dawn of the Infinite Mega-Dungeon

In Dragonflight’s latest mega-dungeon, every boss holds a stash of highly sought-after drops. They are all rated at ilvl 437. But you can still upgrade them once more. Thus, pushing the limit of their power to 441.

It’s important to note, however, accessories such as cloaks, necklaces, and rings are absent from the Dawn of the Infinite loot pool. So, big whoop for accessories lovers out there. But don’t let that dampen your spirits! There are many other powerful gear and items that await.

Dragonflight Patch 10.1.5: Dawn of the Infinite Cloth Drops

Prepare to unveil the tailor-made spoils reserved exclusively for cloth-wearing spellcasters. If you are a powerful Mage, a formidable Warlock, or a revered Priest, then check out the table below.

ChestBronze Defender’s VestureChronikar
WaistMobius StrapManifested Timeways
FeetImbued Frostweave SlippersBlight of Galakrond
ShoulderMantle of Meticulous PlansIridikron
HeadMantle of Meticulous PlansTyr, the Infinite Keeper
HandsFamiliar’s Frayed GlovesMorchie
WristArathi Field BandagesTime-Lost Battlefield
LegsLeggings of the New DawnChrono-Lord Deios

Dragonflight Patch 10.1.5: Dawn of the Infinite Leather Drops

Next, the scene is devoted to the valiant heroes who don the supple and resilient armor. Demon Hunters, Druids, Monks, and Rogues, it’s your turn to discover your array of bountiful goodies.

FeetVigorous SandstompersChronikar
HandsFading ChronogripsManifested Timeways
ChestAhnzon’s Corroded CarapaceBlight of Galakrond
LegsGalakrond’s Voracious HideIridikron
ShoulderTitanic ShouldersparksTyr, the Infinite Keeper
WristChronomancer’s Stasis ShacklesMorchie
HeadHood of Perpetual ConflictTime-Lost Battlefield
WaistBelt of the Eternal StruggleChrono-Lord Deios

Dragonflight Patch 10.1.5: Dawn of the Infinite Mail Drops

With cloth and leather out of the way, it’s time to welcome the mail-wearers onto the stage. Evokers, Hunters, and Shamans, gather ’round. Below are the latest items crafted just for you.

LegsTimeways Intruder’s GreavesChronikar
WristTimeway Sojourner’s BraceletManifested Timeways
HeadLoszkeleth’s Blighted SkullhelmBlight of Galakrond
HandsStonecracker KnucklesIridikron
ChestTemple Acolyte’s UniformTyr, the Infinite Keeper
WaistReality-Warping WaistbandMorchie
FeetGrunt’s Eternal TreadsTime-Lost Battlefield
ShoulderChrono-Lord’s WingspanChrono-Lord Deios

Dragonflight Patch 10.1.5: Dawn of the Infinite Plate Drops

And we are at our final stop that’s dedicated to the plate-wearer. Death Knights, Warriors, Paladins, here comes your gear assortment that’s specifically designed to bolster your indomitable strength.

WristZealous Commander’s CuffsChronikar
WaistUnwinding Eon GirdleManifested Timeways
ShoulderDazhak’s Dessicated WingbonesBlight of Galakrond
HeadIncarnate’s Perceptive CasqueIridikron
FeetMarbled Oathstone GreatbootsTyr, the Infinite Keeper
LegsGreaves of Parallel LivesMorchie
ChestUnceasing Footman’s BreastplateTime-Lost Battlefield
HandsDisplaced Trooper’s GauntletsChrono-Lord Deios

Dragonflight Patch 10.1.5: Dawn of the Infinite Trinket Drops

No arsenal of any character is completed without trinkets. So, we present you five incoming trinkets that are set to arrive in Dawn of the Infinite. As the mega-dungeon itself is entwined in the captivating conflict of time, these trinkets embrace the very essence of said topic. One may grant you power from an alternate timeline. The other may summon your future self to aid you in combat. While another calls upon your past self. To get a better understanding of each trinket’s unique abilities, hover your mouse over their names and witness their effects firsthand.

Accelerating SandglassStrength/AgilityManifested Timeways
Prophetic StonescalesStrength/Agility (Tank)Iridikron
Echoing TyrstoneIntellectTyr, the Infinite Keeper
Time-Thief’s GambitIntellectMorchie
Mirror of Fractured TomorrowsStrength/Agility/IntellectChrono-Lord Deios

Dragonflight Patch 10.1.5: Dawn of the Infinite Weapon Drops

From swords to daggers, to staffs, and then guns, there is something to cater to the playstyles of everyone. Whether your preference lies in the versatility of one-handed weapons or the sheer force of two-handed behemoths, Dawn of the Infinite has it all.

Sword (One-Handed Agility)Chronikar’s Ceremonial SaberChronikar
WarglaiveDouble TimeChronikar
Mace (One-Handed Intellect)Conflux Caller’s BatonManifested Timeways
Dagger (Agility)Nick of TimeManifested Timeways
Axe (One-Handed Agility)Fallen Drake’s BonesplitterBlight of Galakrond
Off-HandAncestor’s Necromantic FocusBlight of Galakrond
Staff (Intellect)Iridal, the Earth’s MasterIridikron
Mace (Two-Handed Intellect)The Infinite HandTyr, the Infinite Keeper
Dagger (Intellect)Morchie’s Distorted SpellbladeMorchie
GunTraveler’s TimesplitterMorchie
Axe (Two-Handed Strength)Gorehowl, Might of the WarchiefTime-Lost Battlefield
Mace (One-Handed Agility)Cudgel of Bygone VictoriesTime-Lost Battlefield
Sword (One-Handed Strength)Quel’Zaram, High Blade of the LionTime-Lost Battlefield
Polearm (Agility)Borrowed TimeChrono-Lord Deios
ShieldMurozond’s Timeless ScaleChrono-Lord Deios

Dragonflight Patch 10.1.5: Dawn of the Infinite Divergent Item Drops

“What are Divergent items?”

Divergent items are the ones that carry either playful effects or unusual, even bizarre, stat additions. Designed to inject a thrilling dose of excitement into your adventures, Divergent items are bound to spice up your gameplay experience.

Below is the list of incoming Divergent items and how they look:

Dragonflight Patch 10.1.5: Dawn of the Infinite Quantum Item Drops

The final boss of the Dawn of the Infinite megadungeon, Chrono-Lord Deios, always drops a guaranteed Quantum item to all players who participate in his takedown. Similar to the Reins of the Quantum Courser Mount, these Quantum drops possess extraordinary power. They can transform into a past item that you have yet to attain.

Below is the list of all Quantum items dropped by Chrono-Lord Deios.

Dragonflight Patch 10.1.5: Dawn of the Infinite Quantum Item Drops

Dragonflight Patch 10.1.5: Dawn of the Infinite Drop — Dragonriding Mount Customizations

The new skin colors can be obtained from the final boss of the Dawn of the Infinite dungeon: Chrono-Lord Deios. Expanding the wide roster of choices, these new Infinite dragonflight options will completely transform your mount. Resembling Murozond’s devoted followers, every detail of the drake will be altered into that of the corrupted flight.

Ensemble: Infinite Acolyte’s Regalia set in Patch 10.1.5 Megadungeon

Ensemble: Infinite Acolyte’s Regalia is exclusive for the players who have pushed their way through the mega-dungeon’s hard mode and receive this well-deserved Dawn of the Infinite drop as a reward.

“What is Dawn of the Infinite hard mode?” you may ask. It’s for completing the new achievement titled “Put That Thing Back Where It Came From.”

That concludes everything there is about the megadungeon Dawn of the Infinite loot table. Thank you, heroes of Azeroth, for staying with us until the very end. If you have any lingering questions, feel free to leave your questions in the comments. We will try our best to provide you with the answers you seek.

For more in-depth information about the Dawn of the Infinite dungeon, we invite you to delve into our Dawn of the Infinite comprehensive overview right here:

And while you’re at it, don’t forget to explore the thrilling news and exciting upgrades that await you in Patch 10.1.5. And in case you ever need additional aid in your quest to conquer this mega-instance, don’t hesitate to check out WowVendor Dawn of the Infinite Mythic Boost. From Standard Mythic to “Immortal Run,” you can rest assured. We have your back covered!

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Aside from pushing ilvl through Mythic Raid and +20 Mythic dungeons, once you get to ilvl 444+ no content is worth doing unless you are grinding reputation or items for crafting or going after achievements. Most all the drops you get are vendor for bits of gold or putting on the AH for more gold, gold, gold… when will we see a game where the rewards scale better with your time. If I enjoy doing up content on the maps, then rewards should be much better when you’re higher ilvls and drops should match your class. I’m tired of getting drops soulbound that I CANNOT use! It seems like such a WASTE of “TIME”. Please Blizzard IMPROVE the GAME! Thank you! 🙂