World of Warcraft Old Content That Yields Awesome Cosmetic Rewards

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Why do WoW players farm old content? Many reasons can be listed. Rare pets from the very Vanilla, or that were recently added to some of the dungeons; spectacular mounts with minuscule drop chances; challenging achievements with more pets or mounts as rewards; last but not least: pieces of tier sets, legendaries, and awesome-looking epics for transmogrification purposes. 

Farming the old content is the best option to grab yourself some cosmetic rewards in World of Warcraft. However, many people seem to forget that these treasures lurk not only in raids and dungeons, but they are scattered around the world. Let’s try to point out a few such places on the world’s map. 

Pandarian Dinosaurs

Zandalari Warbringer Spawns

On the map above, you can see five red crosses at the different locations of the Pandaria. These are the spawn spots of Zandalari Warbringers mobs. With a chance of about 4.20% they drop three types of the Primordial Direhorn mounts: Jade, Amber and Slate. You may fly between the marks or wait at one spawn and farm the Warbringers until the lucky drop. Because many other players want to ride these Direhorns too, this won’t be that easy. Especially if the players are from another faction. Besides, this kind of farming WoW’s cosmetic rewards may seem boring — until we slightly change the map.

Efficient Zandalari Warbringer farming route

This is what a better farming route may look like. The triangle touches only three main locations of Pandaria and the little isle above it. The latter is the Isle of Giants. It’s full of other Direhorns, Zandalari trolls trying to tame them and those who seem to be Direhorn’s evolutionary ancestors — dinosaurs. The biggest dinosaur on the island is the World Boss Oondasta. There’s a 0.91% chance to find the Reins of the Cobalt Primordial Direhorn on its body. However, the island provides an opportunity to replenish your collection with many other dinosaur-like creations.

Cobalt Primordial Direhorn Mount

Zandalari Dinomancers store four types of Zandalari Hatchling pets somewhere in their bags. For instance, Zandalari Anklerender. But killing Dinomancers and local dinosaurs is also a way to collect Giant Dinosaur Bones. The currency can be brought to the Bone Collector Ku’ma. This zombie troll lives in the cave on the western part of the island. He is ready to suggest the best cosmetic rewards in old WoW content at such an unusual price. The Spectral Porcupette will cost you 999 Bones. One more dinosaur-like mount — the Bone-White Primal Raptor 9999 Bones.

Bone-white Primal Raptor

If you got tired of dinosaurs, you got tired too early. Elite Dinosaur NPCs can drop a Primal Egg. You can hold only one egg at a time in your bags and banks. After three real-time days, the egg will hatch and you’ll get a Primal Raptor mount. It can be Green, Black, or Red

The next Primal Egg you collect contains one more mount — just wait another three days until… Well, until you get another Raptor of the same color, if you’re not lucky enough. The Isle of Giants is an old WoW content that will definitely fill your bags with good cosmetic rewards. However, it’s a perfect example of a case when the guarantee to receive them is not enough. Obtaining the same Raptor after three days of expectation may hit hard. 

Finally, while flying in this Pandarian triangle over the Kun-Lai Summit you’ll come across one more source of threat and loot: the Sha of Anger. Be sure not to pass by it, as it drops the Reins of the Heavenly Onyx Cloud Serpent. But also don’t hurry to leave a Warbringer’s spawn spot when you hear the Sha screaming on the entire location. If someone waited for World Boss to spawn, it may already be dead. You can both not make it to kill the Sha and miss your chance at looting a Direhorn. 

Legion Artifacts 

Ashbringer Appearances

Legion expansion left players the richest cosmetic rewards legacy you can get in World of Warcraft. Besides, it’s almost the easiest one to obtain. The Artifacts were one of the key features of the expansion and its borrowed power. Every class specialization had a unique weapon. The weapon’s story was strongly tied to class lore. The lore quite often referred to the older times: from previous WoW expansions to the past ages about which players may have only read in books. 

A perfect example is the Retribution Paladins Artifact — the Ashbringer. A legendary weapon from Vanilla that finally became available for the masses of players. Like in the case of every other Artifact, you had to complete an action-packed questline involving important Warcraft characters to receive the Ashbringer. But this was just the beginning in terms of the run for World of Warcraft’s good-looking items. 

Every Artifact also had multiple appearances. Some changed only the minor details like the color of the weapon’s certain parts. However, some of them completely changed its look. For instance, the hidden Frost DK Artifact appearance called Dark Runeblade strongly resembled the Ashbringer.

Runes of Darkening. Sourced from Wowhead

Most of the appearances can still be obtained. You can get all the Basic skins by just completing the main Broken Isles questlines while levelling your alt. However, other skins are unlocked very differently. 

Some requirements will be simple, like completing the Class Order Hall Campaign, killing Broken Isles’ World Bosses, or doing World Quests. But some requirements are still very complicated to meet at least because of the time you’ll need to spend. For example, making the old Mythic dungeons’ achievements or farming the Legion’s Archeology. 

The Hidden appearances may become the simplest or the hardest cosmetic rewards to get in World of Warcraft depending on each spec. The mentioned Frost DK’s skin drops from the World Boss. At the same time, getting the Heart of Corruption for the Corrupted Ashbringer skin may require a separate guide. 

Two additional stimuli to farm the Legion Artifacts must be mentioned. Firstly, you’re guaranteed to receive many other cosmetic items: from the armor for transmog dropped in the dungeons to the Class Mounts. The latter will be easier to collect when you accomplish the Class Order Hall campaign. Secondly, the long Balance of Power questline was made account-wide in patch 10.0.7. This means you won’t need to complete it with every class to get one of the Artifact appearances. 

Island Expeditions

Scary to say, but Battle for Azeroth is already quite old content too. Island Expeditions is a feature missed by veterans. However, many new players also miss it in a different sense of the word. They simply don’t have enough reasons to check them during levelling in Zandalar or Kul-Tiras. Besides, farming them on those levels requires finding a reliable party. As a result, the Expeditions are outlevelled on the rush to Shadowlands content. 

But since Shadowlands, some players remembered them due to one important reason. The Expeditions turned out to be one of the best gold-making places because of all the transmog gear you can get in this type of WoW’s older content. This gear is still evaluated high on the Auction because of the lack of players farming the Expeditions. Some items won’t cost that much. However, with a thoughtful approach to the farm, you will take away enough cosmetic armor to make good money in total. 

But why not leave that armor for your own transmog purposes? The Plundered Flamecaster Stave will suit well the outfit of either a Monk or Warlock. The Duskhaven set will make your WoW character look like a fashionable gentleman despite this set being a piece of old content. Firekin set is especially unique as it’s based on the Druids of the Flame sect appearance from the Firelands raid and Mount Hyjal location.

Druid of the Flame by Mariaelena77
Source: Mariaelena77 on Wowhead

Just listing all the sets and items a player can get from the Expeditions would take a separate article. Remember: that equipment doesn’t just drop from the enemies in the scenarios. Various chests containing it are bought with the Seafarer’s Dubloon currency farmed on the Islands. For example, the Havenswood Salvage costs 175 Dubloons. The farm won’t be a short trip, but it’ll certainly be worth it. 

Of course, there’s one more thing making it worthy: mounts. Every epic and some rare Salvages sold for Dubloons has a little chance to drop a mount. They are as different as the types of enemies you’ll meet in the Expeditions: a flying bat, a thunder dragon, a parrot, a Mogu lion, etc. Besides, two mounts can be bought directly: Saltwater Seahorse costs 500 Dubloons, and Siltwing Albatross costs 1000. 

The Island Expeditions are certainly one of the best WoW places to farm both old content transmog and mounts and even make money on your farm. However, sometimes it may seem too challenging. Be sure to use our WoW services to facilitate the farm of these and other rewards!

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