WoW Classic Hardcore: No More Appeals, No More Griefers

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WoW Classic Hardcore: No More Appeals, No More Griefers

WoW Classic Hardcore developers recently sat down in a recent interview with the Shacknews portal. They disclosed many information regarding the special game mode. Among the revelations, the developers emphasized two noteworthy points. First, there will be no more appeals. And second, there won’t be tolerance towards griefers and instances of player misconduct.

WoW Classic Hardcore Death Is Finally Permanent

WoW Classic Hardcore: No More Appeals, No More Griefers

The developers take an unwavering position on the characters’ deaths. Regardless of the circumstances, no appeal can resurrect your fallen hero. Be it another player’s actions, server, technical glitches, or any other reasons, once they fall, they are gone forever. Therefore, if you find yourself caught in The Fifth Horseman’s crusade, your fate is sealed. Unlike his fortunate 36 victims, you won’t be able to go back into the fray through the gate of appeal.

The developers have also thought of safeguarding against untimely disconnections. They have introduced a mechanism to swiftly remove characters from the game to minimize potential losses. And to add, if you are disconnected while using a flight path, the system will send you back to your starting point. So, rest assured. You won’t be stuck in the sky or fall to your demise. 

However, exploiting this feature to escape a dire situation won’t work in your favor. For instance, if you are in a battle with enemies and your impending death is nigh, you won’t be saved. 

Moreover, Blizzard has barred players from exploiting special class abilities to resurrect. Paladins are prohibited from using the combo of Divine Shield + Hearthstone. As it would be unfair to others and cause a significant imbalance in the game. 

The developers don’t plan to change the pets’ behavior. So, remember to release them before jumping down to avoid accidentally bringing unexpected enemies along. 

About Player Misconduct

WoW Classic Hardcore: No More Appeals, No More Griefers

The developers will stay vigilant in investigating complaints related to misbehavior. They will swiftly implement appropriate penalties for offenders. 

The game’s creators also want players to be aware of their teammates’ reputations before going on joint ventures. Instances such as deliberately sabotaging group members within dungeons will be met with strict consequences.

Punishment for such actions may range from temporary suspensions to permanent bans

For more details, check out the video below.

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