WoW Classic Hardcore: Appeal for 36 Victims of Tinyviolin

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WoW Classic Hardcore: Appeal for 36 Victims of Tinyviolin

36 unfortunate souls who fell victim to Tinyviolin’s griefing are allowed to receive their appeal in WoW Classic Hardcore. 

A few days ago, we reported an incident where a Troll Warrior named Tinyviolin wiped out nearly an entire raid of members from HC Elite. Long story short, the raid members met their tragic demise for Tinyviolin’s enduring scheme. The professional griefer had spent an entire year gaining the guild’s trust, only to send them to the hooves of the Four Horsemen when the time was ripe. The aftermath of this deceitful act saw 36 out of 40 characters who took part in the raid lose their lives. For a more comprehensive account of the incident, you can refer to this article right here:

Fast forward to a recent update, CalamityHC, the leader of HC Elite, made a significant announcement. All the players who perished due to Tinyviolin’s actions are now given the opportunity to appeal their deaths. Consequently, they will also be able to resume their Naxxramas run. This news comes as a relief to said unfortunate players. After all, they had spent countless time and effort to level up their character to level 60, only to have them senselessly destroyed by a griefer.

Tinyviolin’s actions have sparked divisive responses within the WoW Classic Hardcore community. Some find humor in this audacious act. They deem him Leeroy Jenkins’s successor, calling him the fifth Horseman of Naxxramas. However, there are also others who call for stricter measures against griefers. They perceive such behaviors as toxic and damaging to the Hardcore environment.

So, what’s your stance on this? Let us know in the comments!

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So let me get this correct! other people who got griefed when they are lvl 10 by a 60, or got fck by the server lags, is a nah fck you we not letting you guys appeal, but as long as the admins boyfriend/friends got fck they gonna let them appeal? ah hell nah! thank god i stop playing blizzard shit things, pathtetic


It was unofficial Hardcore servers, and as long as you have proof, you can appeal anything. Now, in official WoW Hardcore mode by Blizzard, if you die, you die; no appeal allowed.


I mean this grief was on a different level which is why it was appealed, but its ok for small brains to not understand the situation, your lvl 10 dying isnt shit, 35 lvl 60s with full raid gear and 1k+ hours is, go get a brain transplant since they cant fix your IQ


death = delete
that’s hardcore
it doesn’t matter if you got dc’d because of servers
it doesn’t matter if you got dc’d because of power blackout
it doesn’t matter if you got griefed

it’s over


Appeals? I guess they should’ve stuck with vanilla because they can’t call themselves hardcore players after this