WoW Cataclysm Classic May Receive Improved Graphics

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The dataminers at Wowhead have found two fascinating data strings suggesting that Cataclysm Classic may receive improved graphics.

WoW Cataclysm Classic May Receive Improved Graphics

Despite the absence of official updates regarding the arrival of Deathwing in Classic, WoW Cataclysm Beta has been updated to version 4.4.0. And so, Wowhead’s dataminers have started digging to uncover all the new features coming along with Cataclysm Classic. Many features in this expansion, such as new factions, playable races like Worgen and Goblins, and updates to the Classic world, are already familiar to players. So there aren’t many surprises. However, there is still something interesting among them:

“Two Global Strings were discovered in preliminary datamining related to uprezzed graphics:

    uprez tooltip placeholder
    NEW! Uprezzed Graphics”
— Wowhead

These data strings hint at the possibility of improved graphics for Cataclysm Classic. Currently, the specifics of this enhancement are unknown. It could entail higher-quality in-game models or be linked to the graphic overhaul enabling flying in WoW. Alternatively, it may signify alterations to Azeroth after the Deathwing-related events.

Datamined information isn’t official, and not all features make it into the live game versions. Everything is subject to change. Nonetheless, we’re curious to hear your thoughts on what these strings might become in Cataclysm Classic. So share your ideas with us in the comments!

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