WoW Cataclysm Classic Class Tier List

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According to the WoW Roadmap 2024, Cataclysm Classic will be released in the first half of 2024. The best way to prepare for it is to learn as much as possible about its Meta. So, today we’ll try to come up with a prediction of WoW Cataclysm Classic Class Tier List.

WoW Cataclysm Classic Class Tier List

Key Takeaways

  • Class rankings are subjective and vary across tier lists. If your class isn’t at the top here, don’t worry. It might dominate the chart elsewhere. The most important thing is that you enjoy playing your class.
  • S-Tier Classes: Paladin, Priest, Death Knight.
  • A-Tier Classes: Druid, Warlock
  • B-Tier Classes: Rogue, Mage, Shaman
  • C-Tier Classes: Hunter, Warrior

Important: This tier list is only a prediction based on speculations. We will update the class rankings with more accurate information once Cataclysm Classic is released.

Before we dive in, remember, all tier lists are subjective. While they can help you decide what to play and steer you toward a preferred class, they’re far from being absolute. Every tier list ranks the classes on its own set of criteria. A class may reign supreme in one list and fall short in another. So, if your chosen class doesn’t make it to the top-tier ranking here, don’t be discouraged. The key is the joy you experience while playing your favorite class.

With that said, let’s explore the Cataclysm Classic ranking criteria in this WoW Cataclysm Class Tier List!

WoW Classic Cataclysm Class Ranking Criteria

The main criterion for evaluating classes is their overall effectiveness in high-level PvE. In Tier S we place classes that tend to keep top positions in all party roles throughout the entire expansion and don’t have any major flaws. Tier A contains classes with specs that received important but controversial key mechanic updates. After all, said updates didn’t solve any issues and might have even added new ones. 

If at least one spec of a class has serious problems in Cataclysm Retail, we place it in Tier B. The main criterion here is the spec’s insufficient performance compared to its competitors. Finally, in Tier C we place classes whose various specs are generally less effective than others, often due to the absence of crucial new mechanics or a heavy dependence on specific stats or gear.

Next, we will explain why each class and specialization is positioned in its respective tier. Following that, we will provide a brief overview of potential variations in Cataclysm class rankings, particularly in the context of PvP.

Cataclysm Classic Class Tier List

WoW Cataclysm Classic Class Tier List

S-Tier Classes

WoW Cataclysm Classic Class Tier List

Protection Paladins have the largest number of mitigation utilities and defensive spells. They’re sometimes called the top Tanks of the entire expansion regardless of the changes Tier Set bonuses bring to the Meta. Many Prot Pal mechanics are strengthened with the introduction of the new Holy Power class resource. 

In addition, Paladin gains the powerful Guardian of Ancient Kings ability in Cataclysm. It works differently depending on the chosen spec. The summoned Guardian heals Holy’s target and allies around it, reduces the damage received by Prot Pal, or increases the damage of the Retribution Paladin. The Protection bonus is especially useful as it reduces incoming damage by 50%. 

Holy spec receives other crucial abilities like Holy Radiance. It’s a strong AoE healing spell that imposes a HoT effect on allies. The Paladin’s AoE healing capabilities are also improved with the Light of Dawn ability. At the same time, its overall solo target heal is increased with the Word of Glory and Diving Light spells. Finally, the new class resource mechanic significantly strengthens Retribution Paladins. Crusader Strike’s updated and buffed version became the main tool for generating the Holy Power’s new resource. The damage of the deadly Templar’s Verdict spender ability depends on the quantity of the generated Power.

Shadow Priests are among the top damage dealers. As in WotLK, the multiple dangerous DoTs are a key reason for it. Shadow Priest also receives the deadly Mind Spike quick cast ability. Besides, the whole damage-dealing process is facilitated by the new Shadow Orbs resource mechanic. Discipline Priest’s main new mechanic is the Power Word: Barrier talent. This powerful AoE defensive skill reduces damage to allies in the Barrier’s area. Also, the damage they receive doesn’t interrupt their spellcasting. With this mechanic, Disc Priest slightly pushes aside the Holy spec in terms of healing.

Death Knight remains one of the top DPS classes. Both Frost and Unholy Death Knights can often be found at top Tiers. They’re highly rated for their large and stable both AoE and solo-target damage. Besides, it becomes easier for all specs to apply and maintain DoT diseases with the help of Outbreak in Cataclysm. Blood DK’s multiple absorption shields and self-healing effects still make it competitive even with the buffed Protection Pal.

A-Tier Classes

WoW Cataclysm Classic Class Tier List

Druid’s Tanking capabilities have increased because of Thrash and Swipe abilities. Their AoE damage helps to maintain the threat level. Feral Druid is often highly rated, but mainly due to its ability to quickly take on Bear Form and help allies in a hybrid Tank role. Unfortunately, Feral Druids deal relatively low solo target damage in raid encounters. 

Changes in the Tree of Life mechanic deprive Restoration Druid of a permanent Tree form. However, it became an effective healing burst. Balance Druid receives a new Solar/Lunar Energy class resource. It enhances many of Boomkin’s core mechanics and increases the damage dealt by Starfire and Wrath. However, it’s too complicated and sometimes makes Balance Druids too motionless.

Destruction Warlock becomes a little more mobile. For example, the Fel Flame instant skill allows it to deal additional damage and prolong the Immolate DoT duration. The updated Soul Shard class resource mechanic makes it possible to periodically cast Soul Fire using the new Soulburn spell. However, the mobility this spec receives is still not enough sometimes.

Affliction Warlock is once again highly valued for the many DoTs it inflicts on enemies. But it lacks burst damage that’s greatly needed in a few Cataclysm boss and trash encounters. That’s why the preference may often be given to Demonology Warlocks. This one remains strong due to powerful familiar bursts like Metamorphosis. The mentioned Soulburn-Soul Fire combination also fits well into its rotation. However, the Demonology Warlock player will most likely prefer saving Soul Shards for the Soulburn burst to perform a quick pet twisting. Thus, you may benefit from the needed Demon Soul buff with one demon at the beginning of the encounter, and then instantly summon a new one for the rest of the fight. Last but not least, Demonology Warlock is that ranged class that’d be always appreciated for sharing useful buffs with allies. Its Demonic Pact will increase its spell power by 10%.

B-Tier Classes

WoW Cataclysm Classic Class Tier List

Rogue is the strongest DPS class in Tier B. In fact, it rarely ends up in the lower sections of any tier list. Assassination Rogues are the most powerful against solo-target throughout the entire expansion. However, in stark contrary, the solo target DPS of Combat Rogue is insufficient for certain raid encounters. For example, the situational nature of the Killing Spree skill can lead to a reduction in the overall damage dealt to the boss by Combat Rogues. Meanwhile, Subtlety Rogue presents a more demanding playstyle and is overly reliant on burst abilities like Premeditation, Shadow Dance, and Preparation. Furthermore, in later Cataclysm patches, this spec is significantly inferior to others. With that said, it’s important to keep in mind that all Rogue specs may improve their positions in this tier list significantly upon receiving Fangs of the Father legendary daggers in the later patches.

Frost Mage is often considered one of the weakest PvE specs in Cataclysm. The new Ring of Frost AoE ability may prove very useful in some trash encounters. But Frost Mage always has insufficient solo-target and AoE damage. The changes brought to Arcane Missiles mechanics and other Arcane Mage massive buffs have a positive impact on its early-game experience. But it has a too proc based gameplay. Closer to patch 4.2, the Mage player will prefer playing the Fire spec in the Firelands raid. That spec isn’t always top DPS against solo targets but has very decent AoE damage, especially with the Flame Orb skill to significantly enhance Fire Mages‘ capabilities.

The addition of the new Unleash Elements spell has boosted the overall damage output of Enhancement Shamans. However, their performance remains quite average when it comes to dealing damage to a single target, and only shines in AoE situations. Elemental Shamans has become much more mobile thanks to the Spiritwalker’s Grace mechanic. It allows them to periodically cast spells on the move. In certain situations, Elemental Shaman is considered to be Cataclysm’s top DPS against single-target encounters, especially in Cata’s early patches. Plus, the Totemic Wrath talent is always welcomed in a party, as any Fire Totem buffs the allies’ spell power by 10%. 

Restoration Shaman is good at healing multiple allies. Cataclysm even adds the Healing Rain and Spirit Link Totem skills to its AoE Healing arsenal. Restoration’s arsenal is also considered less mana-consuming. But despite it all, other classes still surpass Rest Sham, even in AoE healing.

C-Tier Classes

WoW Cataclysm Classic Class Tier List

The Hunter class has a difficult fate in Cataclysm. Survival Hunter is often placed in one of the upper Tiers as it shows great AoE and single-target damage in most of the expansion’s raids. The spec is also appreciated for useful features such as the Hunting Party buff. The Ferocious Inspiration buff provided by Beast Mastery Hunter may be equally useful for the team, and its exotic pets offer a potent buff to allies. However, its basic raid damage output is usually below average. Marksmanship Hunter simply lags behind other specs and classes in AoE damage. At the same time. its single-target damage is too dependent on critical strike chance.

Protection Warriors are the least potent Tanks in Cataclysm. Some of their defensive utilities pale in comparison to those of Protection Paladin. In addition, the Protection Warrior’s success is too dependent on the Mastery stat. Arms Warrior is capable of quickly dealing lots of damage to both solo and multiple enemies. Its AoE damage increases because of the Whirlwind spell buff, impacting all hostile creatures in the vicinity. Unfortunately, even this buff doesn’t help the Fury Warrior much. The spec often ends up at the very bottom of many tier lists due to their high dependence on gear. Only Dragon Soul Tier Sets can effectively improve its damage performance.

Cataclysm Classic Class Tier List in PvP: Similarities and Differences

A few specs and classes that find themselves in the lowest part of the PvE Tier List may experience significant shifts in their positions when it comes to PvP. For example, Marksmanship Hunter would easily appear at Tier S or A. Unlike in WotLK Classic, the Trap Launcher spell will be available since the very launch of Cataclysm. The ability to set Freezing Trap remotely is extremely useful in both Battleground and Arena scenarios. Besides, Hunter’s new invisibility spell, Camouflage, is undoubtedly helpful in any PvP encounter. The Marksmanship spec’s Readiness talent allows the player to reset cooldowns of all the mentioned and other abilities and bursts. 

Subtlety Rogue’s position would also greatly change in PvP Rankings. The new Rogue’s Recuperate spell is a game-changer that allows Rogue to self-heal during combat. It’s more than a pleasant addition to Subtlety spec’s ability to refresh important save spells CDs with Preparation. Coupled with the new Smoke Bomb save skill, dealing with this kind of Rogue becomes notably challenging. As a result, the Subtlety Rogue’s formidable solo-target damage and disruptive crowd-control effects become unavoidable and truly lethal. The examples of Rogues and Hunters highlight how, in PvP, certain spec disadvantages can be mitigated with the introduction of new class features.


This was our World of Warcraft Cataclysm Classic Class Tier List. Please keep in mind that tier lists are subjective. While they may aid you in selecting what to play and guide you toward a preferred class, they are nowhere near a definite answer. After all, each tier list has its own criteria. A class can stand at the top in one tier list and fall to the bottom in another. So, if your chosen class doesn’t secure a top-tier spot here, don’t be disheartened. What truly matters is the enjoyment you feel when playing your favorite class. 

So, be sure to express your own observations about the expansion’s Meta! We can’t wait to see your own Cataclysm Classic Class Tier List in the comments!

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Hald Twinpack
265 articles



Warrior and hunter basicly in top5 dps in pve , and if you check pvp … hunter is on top there too. Warrior will fall back a bit in pvp from other classes but still a good warrior / holypala can be in top ranks cause of its dmg


This might be the worst article about tier lists in Cataclysm I’ve read in ages.
You should do the homework again and recheck everything.
I will point out just one example, Arms Warrior is S tier DPS in Cata.
But in your opinion is C tier, which means complete garbonzo – unplayable class.
So this is why I’m saying that your blog is completely misleading.


You describe Elemental as one of the Top DPSers early in the expansion (Phase 1), and we KNOW that elemental is going to get even higher on the tier list in phase 2, due to their stupidly strong Tier 12-set and amazing scaling in Cata – But you put them in B-Tier…..?



Elemental is going to be top 5 DPS in phase 1, Top 3 in Phase 2, and probably top 6 in phase 3. Its going to consistently outperform over specs in pure single target and cleave encounters, AND its going to bring Bloodlust/heroism, spell haste, spellpower, and spell crit to EVERYONE in the entire raid. How is this not a content at S-Tier?