WotLK Classic World First Race Overview — Best Players and One Big Exploit

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The launch of the WotLK Classic expansion was just the other day, and the players have already managed to amaze the developers with their leveling speed. World First 80 Race began — some managed to reach the maximum level of 80 in a record 9 hours, and some took a little longer. In this article, you will learn about the best players and one mistake from Blizzard, which existed in the game for 14 years.

Naowh From the Echo Guild

While the Alliance was still loading on the northern continent and the Horde was surrounding mobs in droves to complete quests, Naowh from the Echo guild did not waste any time and took the World First level 80 in WoW WotLK Classic.

The player quickly reached level 71 with his Protection Paladin and went to clean up the Utgarde Keep dungeon for a few hours. At level 79 he flew to Icecrown, where he found an NPC named Rokir, who summons hordes of zombies. As Naowh attacked these creatures, they disappeared and the character gained experience. Closer to level 80 the XP per Hour score reached 1,811,483, which is about 25 enemies per minute. This is the fastest leveling time 70-80 in WotLK ever.

To comply with the conditions he used level 1 characters in the party, without which it is impossible to gain experience. It is still unknown how Blizzard will react to such a way of pumping, but you should not repeat after Naowh — it could lead to a rollback on your account.

The player understands the situation very well and commented: «I am in any case WotLK first 80, but if progress is canceled, I will be the first to whom this has happened»

The moment of the ding:

World Second Place from LMGD

Streamer «LMGD1» took second place with his proven AoE farming method. LMGD1 boosted his XP/Hour score to 1,459,236 with his Warlock. All in all, the player spent 9 hours and 23 minutes on this leveling.

The whole race was broadcasted on Method’s Twitch channel, and a clip of the level 80 ding can be seen here:

More Records from Jokerd, Allelolxd, Ahlaundoh

The following players — Jokerd, Allelolxd, and Ahlaundoh are not assigned with winning places on the board, but participated in the race and got to 80 about the same time.

Jokerd once again showed real skill when playing as a mage — he managed to accelerate his XP/Hour score to a value of 1 215 234 units. Like many players, Jokerd went to Outland at the start of the expansion and completed a huge number of quests. This allowed him to get level 71 without encountering bugs and much competition. Once the streamer found out about the problems in Northrend, he continued to complete quests in the Shadowmoon Valley and throughout Outland.

Once all quests were over, Jokerd teleported to Howling Fjord. There he proceeded to AoE farming. As he gained new levels he moved around the locations and occasionally looked into dungeons that he was able to complete alone with his Fire Mage.

Allelolxd took advantage of a similar strategy and spent almost all the time soloing Utgarde Keep with Protection Warrior. At level 77 the player stopped getting experience in the dungeon and went to Sholazar Basin. Allelolxd then began hunting down elite opponents until he reached 79. The warrior got the highest level in Stormpeaks, where he quietly completed several quests.

Ahlaundoh did not want to go through the lagtown and went to The Burning Crusade dungeons instead with his Protection Warrior. In The Botanica he got LVL 73 and teleported to Utgarde Keep. He did not like it there and went back to TBC. At 75 the experience became too short and there were no more options.

The rest of his leveling went just like it did for the others: grinding elites in Sholazar Basin up to 79 and top it off with quests in Stormpeaks.

Race to World First WotLK is over but soon the first raids will open and the strongest guilds from all over Azeroth will go to save the snowy lands of Northrend from the fury of the Lich King. Want to get to level 80 faster and go into heroic dungeons with the best of the best? Go to the WotLK leveling section where the most popular boosting services are collected. Professionals are already waiting for you!

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