SoD Phase 3 Sunken Temple Raid Loot Table

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A complete list of all that you can get from the SoD Phase 3 Sunken Temple raid loot table.

SoD Phase 3 Sunken Temple Raid Loot Table

Temple of Atal’Hakkar, or the Sunken Temple, is the latest 20-player raid in SoD Phase 3. With its roster of eight challenging bosses and a plethora of WoW Sunken Temple quests awaiting completion, the raid rewards awaiting ahead are definitely worthwhile.

Among the Sunken Temple loot, you can find an array of both fresh additions and revamped epic items. From powerful weapons to essential accessories and sturdy armor, there’s something beneficial for every explorer who dares venture into the Temple of Atal’Hakkar.

SoD Sunken Temple Raid Loot Table by Boss


Festering Rotslime

Atal’ai Defenders

Dreamscythe and Weaver

Jammal’an the Prophet and Ogom the Wretched

Hazzas and Morphaz

Shade of Eranikus

Avatar of Hakkar

Sunken Temple Raid Loot Table: Item Sets

You can exchange Tier Tokens (Atal’ai Ritual Tokens and Atal’ai Blood Icons), which drop from each boss in Temple of Atal’Hakkar, to acquire three-piece item sets that provide powerful bonuses for your character in Season of Discovery Phase 3:


Nightmare Prophet’s Garb (Warlock):

Benevolent Prophet’s Vestments (Priest):

Malevolent Prophet’s Vestments (Warlock, Priest, Mage):


Coagulate Bloodguard’s Leathers (Druid):

Lost Worshipper’s Armor (Druid):

Exiled Prophet’s Raiment (Druid):

Blood Corrupted Leathers (Rogue):


Corrupted Spiritweaver’s Mail (Shaman):

Dread Hunter’s Chain (Hunter):

Ostracized Berserk’s Battlemail (Shaman, Hunter):

Shunned Devotee’s Chainmail (Shaman, Paladin):


Obsessed Prophet’s Plate (Paladin):

Wailing Berserker’s Plate Armor (Paladin, Warrior):

Banished Martyr’s Full Plate (Paladin, Warrior):

SoD Phase 3 Sunken Temple Raid Loot Table by Quests



And with that, we conclude our SoD Phase 3 Sunken Temple raid loot table. We trust that these detailed lists have proven helpful in your quest for essential items. Share your tales of adventure with us in the comments below, we can’t wait to hear all your stories!

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