SoD Phase 2: Blizzard Issues Warnings to GDKP Runners

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Following the announcement of GDKP’s ban in SoD, Blizzard has taken the first step in their crusade by sending warnings to GDKP runners.

SoD Phase 2: Blizzard Issues Warnings to GDKP Runners

Key Takeaways

  • Blizzard sends out warnings to GDKP runners, taking a strong stance against GDKP activities in Season of Discovery.
  • Players engaging in GDKP will face penalties, including bans and item removal if they continue despite warnings.
  • Mixed community reactions: Some organizers halt GDKP raids, while others persist despite potential consequences.

The message “This account has been found to potentially be involved in a GDKP raid” has been sent to various GDKP runners in the past few hours. This follows Blizzard’s decision to ban GDKP activities in the Season of Discovery. For more information on said matter, be sure to give this article a look:

Blizzard Sends Warnings to GDKP Runners

Blizzard has been sending out warnings to emphasize the gravity of their decision. Whether players are new to GDKP or have been participating in such activities for an extended period, they are all receiving these notifications. By specifically addressing GDKP runners via email, the developers are also showcasing their capability to identify potential violators.

The messages inform players that their involvement in GDKP activities has been detected. Consequently, if players continue to engage in such activities, they risk facing penalties. Blizzard will ban them from the game and remove items obtained through GDKP means:

Fans Reaction

In light of this news, many GDKP raid organizers are discontinuing their activities:

However, some players still intend to persevere and continue running GDKP despite the warnings and potential consequences:

What about you? Let us know your thoughts in the comments!

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still running them ran 2 days ago 2300g pot that we laundered thru the ah.


The real issue is botting, they are not addressing the real issue and the reason I don’t play anymore. GDKPs would be sick if they were all player made gold and it was impossible to RMT. FIX THE REAL ISSUES 1. BOTS 2. RMT


blizzard all over bots, Gdkp and gold buyers….unless it’s a streamer

then it’s ok

blizzard all about keeping everything fair, except for when it involves a streamer. then it’s different