SoD Gnomeregan Raid World First Belongs to Guild NOTA

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Guild NOTA from EU server Wild Growth, has clinched the SoD Gnomeregan raid World First.

SoD Gnomeregan Raid World First Belongs to Guild NOTA

12 hours and 32 minutes after the arrival of SoD Phase 2, NOTA had already had six bosses down to their knees. The EU guild endured through 12 wipes, spending 2 hours and 45 minutes of relentless effort to clear Gnomeregan of the malevolent troggs and leper gnomes. Thus, being the first to conquer Gnomeregan in Season of Discovery:

NOTA SoD Gnomeregan Raid World First: Full Progress

Here’s the full progress record of NOTA’s leveling, dungeon preparation, and raid mastering for your convenience:

For a more immersive view of the battles from the players’ perspective, you can access their streams here:

Hats off to NOTA for achieving Gnomeregan World First in SoD! If you are curious about what entails in the Gnomeregan loot table, be sure to check this out:

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