Nightmare Incursions XP Nerfed, Discoverer’s Delight Buffed

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Blizzard recently decreased in Nightmare Incursions XP and boosted the rewards for the Discoverer’s Delight buff.

Nightmare Incursions XP Nerfed, Discoverer's Delight Buffed

Key Takeaways

  • Blizzard reduced XP rewards for Nightmare Incursions while increasing rewards for the Discoverer’s Delight buff.
  • Leveling with Nightmare Incursions gives a lot more XP than using traditional methods like exploring the open world and running dungeons and raids.
  • The Discoverer’s Delight buff was boosted from 50% to 75% to make other methods more appealing.
  • XP from mission quests in Nightmare Incursions decreased, but kill quests still yield substantial rewards.
  • This is the second nerf to Nightmare Incursions; previously, adjustments were made due to excessive gold accumulation.

Nightmare Incursions stand out as the go-to method for leveling up, thanks to their abundant XP rewards. Adventurers ranging from levels 40 to 50 are steering clear of traditional exploration. Even with the Discoverer’s Delight buff, the XP reward for questing in the open world and participating in dungeon and raid runs pale compared to those provided by Nightmare Incursions.

To enhance the appeal of the other leveling methods, Blizzard has decided to buff the Discoverer’s Delight from 50% to 75% XP boost. Along with that, the experience gained from mission quests within Nightmare Incursions will decrease. However, the Nightmare’s kill quests will continue to yield substantial XP rewards. After all, the creatures within the Nightmares are still under the influence of Discoverer’s Delight.

This is the second time Nightmare Incursions have undergone a nerf. Previously, adjustments were made due to an excessive accumulation of gold. During that time, players reportedly earned hundreds of gold per hour.

What do you think about this situation? Drop your comments below and let us know your thoughts about the recent Nightmare Incursions XP nerf!

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