Josh Greenfield hints SoD Phase 4 PTR may last several weeks

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Some days ago, Josh Greenfield hinted on his Twitter account that SoD Phase 4 PTR may last several weeks!

SoD Phase 4 PTR

Even though the Senior Game Producer did not directly state that players would be able to participate in SoD Phase 4 PTR for several weeks, his words about the World Buffs being absent during PTR’s first few weeks pretty much confirmed it. Currently, the Development Team turned off all World Buffs to see how every class performs in the raw. Once Blizzard gathered all the required data, these Buffs would be back, Greenfield said. 

The words about the World Buffs’ absence during the next few weeks on WoW Classic Era PTR intrigued the community. This means players could partake in PTR longer than Blizzard expected, which is good for those trying to catch up on SoD Phase 3 content before embarking on new adventures. 

Despite this, some people might be disappointed by the extended testing period since SoD Phase 3 has been going on for way too long, and players are fed up with it. Still, the delay may be a positive sign, as Blizzard wants to ensure everything works as intended to provide the community with new and high-quality content.

As for SoD Phase 4, are you looking forward to it? If so, do you think the extended testing is good for the quality of content that Blizzard works on? Feel free to share your thoughts in the comments section!

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