Cataclysm Classic Roadmap: Release and End Dates

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Blizzard has announced the long-awaited Cataclysm Classic Roadmap.

Cataclysm Classic Roadmap: Release and End Dates

With the Lich King Arthas’s reign coming to an end, a new threat has emerged in the form of Deathwing, The Worldbreaker.

Cataclysm Classic Roadmap: Launch Date, All Phases, and End Date

Cataclysm Classic Roadmap: Release and End Dates
(Source: Blizzard Entertainment)

Here’s the complete roadmap for Cataclysm Classic:

Unlike WotLK Classic, which had a nearly two-year lifespan, Blizzard appears to have a considerably shorter timeframe in mind for Cataclysm Classic. Scheduled to launch on May 20, 2024, the expansion will conclude in January 2025, spanning less than a year.

What’s Going Away with Cata Classic Arrival

Cata Classic will introduce a wealth of new content like new zones, dungeons, raids, new races, Darkmoon Island, flying in Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdore, and more. However, Blizzard has also noted that certain items will either become unobtainable or more challenging to acquire upon its arrival:

  • Swift Zulian Tiger: Zul’Gurub is changing from a raid to a leveling zone and this mount will no longer be obtainable.
  • Swift Razzashi Raptor: This mount will also no longer be obtainable after the change to Zul’Gurub.
  • Razzashi Hatchling: With the change to Zul’Gurub, this non-combat pet will no longer be obtainable.
  • Tome of Polymorph: Turtle: This tome will continue to be available through other means.
  • Crusader’s White/Black Warhorse and Swift Alliance Steed/Swift Horde Wolf: As the attempt-based tribute system is being removed from Heroic Trial of the Crusader, the Argent Crusade Tribute Chest will no longer spawn, and these mounts will no longer be obtainable.
  • Reins of the Blue Drake: This mount will once again be available from defeating 10-player Malygos without needing to use the Dungeon Finder. The Reins of the Azure Drake will only be available on 25-player Malygos.
  • Mimiron’s Head: This mount will change to be a very low drop chance when defeating 25-player Yogg’Saron with no Keepers assisting you.
  • Invincible: This mount will change to be a very low drop chance when defeating Heroic 25-player Lich King.
— Blizzard Entertainment

If you have yet to acquire these items, there’s no better time than now to secure them. And while you’re at it, consider exploring our guide on 10 Things to Do Before Cataclysm Classic. You might discover something you overlooked there!

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