Blizzard Took Away Breadth of the Beast without Refunding

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The WoW community is baffled as Blizzard took away Breadth of the Beast from a player’s inventory without providing a refund.

Blizzard Took Away Breadth of the Beast without Refunding

Recently, user smallertools shared their perplexing experience with Blizzard’s decision on r/classicwow. The player had obtained the Breadth of the Beast trinket, which enhances critical strike and hit chance with spells and attacks by 1%. If the trinket had been labeled Unique from the outset, there would be little to debate. However, it initially wasn’t.

Blizzard Took Away Breadth of the Beast from WoW Players

Many players, including smallertools, purchased multiple trinkets for 12 Wild Offering each. Unfortunately, Blizzard later classified Breadth of the Beast as Unique. Consequently, players who owned two of these items had one removed from their inventory without receiving any refund.

12 Wild Offerings is not a small price to pay for said trinket. And so, it has sparked widespread frustration among the player base. Gamers all agree that simply deleting the trinket without offering refunds is not an appropriate solution to address this situation. And it seems Blizzard’s Game Masters and Customer Support think the same.

According to Redditor thatswhatiwanttodo, they got a response from a Blizzard Support ticket. Game Master Taishemara stated that they had investigated the situation. Unfortunately, Customer Support and Game Masters are unable to restore or compensate for the trinket or refund the Wild Offerings. But on a brighter note, GM Taishemara mentioned that they had requested the developers investigate the issue further.

What about you? Have you encountered this frustrating situation? Share your experiences in the comments!

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