Rumors: Blizzard Contemplates Bringing Cataclysm to WoW Classic

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Blizzard Contemplates Bringing Cataclysm to WoW Classic

With Wrath of the Lich King Classic inching closer to its conclusion, it’s time for Blizzard to figure out what they may offer players next. And thus, the company is now contemplating bringing Cataclysm to WoW Classic.

Back in February, we have discussed the topic of whether Blizzard will release Cataclysm classic. And now, the topic has once again gained traction as Blizzard is currently grappling with the decision of what lies ahead when WotLK comes to an end. Presently, two options are under consideration. The first is to keep everything the same and put more effort into enhancing the gaming experience in WoW Classic. Alternatively, they may opt to unleash further expansions. In such a scenario, Cataclysm Classic would be the forthcoming addition to the game.

And so, the developers have turned to the community for help. In September last year, they conducted a survey among selected players. The goal was to find out if said gamers would be interested in playing Cataclysm Classic.

According to Scottejaye, the developers have recently sent out another survey. This time, they asked fans about more specific aspects of the game. It appears that Blizzard is considering more significant deviations from the original Cataclysm. And they want to find out if players would appreciate such additions.

If Cataclysm is introduced to WoW Classic, it will naturally include all the most exciting features from its original version. Nevertheless, the developers are also exploring the possibility of incorporating some additional changes and innovations:

It’s important to note that the information mentioned above should not be taken as definitive statements. There’s no guarantee that these features will be included in the game. At the moment, they are simply the developers’ ideas to test the water and a way for them to gauge the community’s interest.

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This actually sounds times better than dragonflight, the lamest expansion ever!


i waiting cata my favorite was so fun flay every zones please do this changes and go, i wanna flay flay on my dragon and kill dragon xD


people don’t want cata expansion. that was when the game started it’s downhill plunge. when classic wow first launched, they should have immediately started work on a new classic expansion, which kept the systems of wrath but had new story

Abel FILHOsays:

As far as I’ve seem, most players I talk to leave the game when cataclysm arrives, there are some people thinking that has to do with Diablo II but it’s just a coincidence, most people leave WOW just because they don’t like the cataclysm expansion.