Ashenvale PvP Reputation Rewards Will be Addressed Soon

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In response to player feedback, Battle for Ashenvale PvP Reputation rewards and other issues will soon be addressed.

Ashenvale PvP Reputation Rewards Will be Addressed Soon

Key Takeaways

  • Reputation rewards and other issues in Ashenvale’s PvP will be addressed soon.
  • Changes include addressing the event’s short duration, discouraging quick defeats of Faction Leaders, improving Graveyard locations, adjusting Reputation rewards, fixing layer issues, and determining the event’s frequency.
  • Faction Leader changes are imminent and expected “very soon.”

The Ashenvale PvP event’s Reputation issues have been a thorn in the side for WoW PvP lovers. Even if players actively participate in the event, they don’t get any Reputation if they aren’t present during the defeat of the general and the adds. Adding to the frustration, if they happen to meet their demise during the event, they receive no reputation, either.

Blizzard has acknowledged the concern. Recently, Josh Greenfield took to Twitter to announce upcoming adjustments to the zone-wide PvP event. The primary focus of these changes is to address the notably short duration of the events. Here’s an overview of what will be examined in the coming days:

Josh Greenfield has confirmed that changes for the Faction Leaders are imminent. They are expected to be implemented “very soon.” As for the rest, specific details have yet to be disclosed at the time of writing. But Blizzard’s current proactive approach to addressing game-related issues suggests that fans can anticipate timely updates on these matters. So, stay tuned for further developments!

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