WoW: 120,000 Accounts Caught up in Blizzard’s Banwave

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Blizzard Entertainment has cracked down on players who break the rules within the game, demonstrating a zero-tolerance policy. In a recent sweeping banwave, they terminated about 120,000 accounts from the game, encompassing both the WotLK Classic and Classic Era versions.

Blizzard has been actively targeting violators of their terms of service. According to the US firm, this is in addition to their ongoing banwaves. Every week, they often clear out a considerable number of accounts. The company has made it clear. This is part of their efforts to keep the game safe and fair for everyone.

The developers announced that they will reinstate the original restrictions to Death Knight character creation in WotLK Classic to combat illegal behavior within the game. Thus, everything is slated to revert back to just like before. Unless you’ve already had a 55-level character, it will be impossible for you to create a Death Knight.

Blizzard had previously allowed everyone to create a Death Knight immediately without constraints. Even if it’s on a brand-new account. However, the company now recognizes this was a tempting vector for many to exploit. Thus, it’s necessary to implement stricter measures. While this may cause some frustration for new players, it is an essential step to ensure that the game’s environment remains fair and enjoyable for everyone.

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