Path of Exile 2: release date, beta, skill tree

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Path of Exile 2 was announced by Grinding Gear Games studio in Auckland, New Zealand on the ExileCon event in 2019. The studio made quite a sensational PoE 4.0 announcement right before, and therefore the release of not just a big expansion, but a whole new game was received with great enthusiasm.

At first Path of Exile 2 release was expected somewhere in 2022 with a beta test in 2020. From that moment on, fans (and not only) waited with a bated breath for new details about the game. However, due to the coronavirus pandemic and some other issues, originally announced deadlines have shifted significantly.

Though this is not a second part of the game in the usual sense, Path of Exile ll is supposed to be a quintessence of everything good we have in PoE with new important features, storyline and changes aimed at the maximum improvement of the gameplay convenience.

We have two official Path of Exile 2 trailers by now, and both you can see below.

Therefore, the key question is what to expect from PoE2 (also known as Path of Exile 4.0) and, most importantly, when?

When is Path of Exile 2 coming out?

At the moment, the main question that worries us all is when does Path of Exile 2 come out. Despite the fact that the GGG does not give us an exact release date, according to the studio lead developer Chris Wilson PoE 2 will definitely be ready by 2024 or even earlier.

Based on the information available, we can assume: the beta testing will start as early as the second half of 2022. But making allowances for the difficulties that the studio encountered during previous years, it is most realistic to expect that beta testing will more likely begin in 2023.

Without a doubt, the sequel will be released on the same platforms on which the first part is now presented — PC, Playstation and Xbox. In addition, the developers are already preparing the gamepad support for the PC version of PoE, so it is logical to assume that Path of Exile II will come out already with this feature. Patch 3.17.3 will introduce beta controller support and it will be tested before the release of update 3.18.0.

There is no information on whether a cross-platform play will be supported, but we cannot say for sure that this feature will not be available.

At the moment, according to the studio, the most active phase of working is underway — Grinding Gear is hiring a new staff to work on the sequel. What we now know for sure is that according to an official info, the first act is ready, and the work on the second is almost completed too. And since there are seven acts planned in the game’s plot, a two-year period sounds quite realistic.

Fans of the first part should not worry — the developers are continuing to produce updates and expansions according to studio’s classic scheme every three months.

Path of Exile 2 new gem system and classes

Here we will take a closer look at what new we gonna have in the game:


As we mentioned before, PoE 2 is not going to be a new game in the truest sense of the word. First of all, the goals of developers were to create a more optimized PoE version with a lot of new features, skill system enhancements and an updated engine.

It will be a full-fledged new storyline, but like the action of the first acts, the second campaign will end just the same, in the Atlas. PoE ll takes us to the events taking place long after the death of Kitava — around 20 years have passed and the corruption taking over Wraeclast once again. We will meet many familiar characters from the first part. It will be a completely different story that will allow new players to get involved in the game without missing anything important from the previous lore details.

The developers promise us a less linear mission passage of the game: this time, the choice of different answer options in the dialogues will have a much more significant impact on the plot.

Ascendancy classes

The first trailer from ExileCon showed us a new selection window, which features 7 heroes – as before.

Path of Exile 2 Ascendancy classes are presented as 19 new ones with additional character models. They will be also available for PoE once they are unlocked.

There is also an unconfirmed information that players will be able to use their old characters in the sequel, but it is not yet known how this will be implemented.

Aforementioned classes earn their own skills, which will grow according to the character’s level. These classes will also be available in a new way through the campaign, and not in the labyrinth as now.

Skill system – gems and sockets

One of the most significant changes is a new socket system.

Sockets will be moved from equipment right into the active skill gems. Now each skill gem can have up to 6 sockets, and each item will receive a fixed number of main sockets, which will depend on the item level — 2 sockets for 1st level and 5 for 50th. Number of sockets is also fixed for different items based on an item class.

For example:

Thus, the player will have access to 9 primary skill gems. They still have the same colors for strength, dexterity and intelligence and later in game a player will be able to change main socket color with special items.

Also, sockets can be rerolled using all the same orbs — Jeweler’s Orb and Chromatic Orb.

Moreover, now, if players find skill gems for skills that they already have, then the found skill gem can be sacrificed to the existing one in order to increase its level and experience points.

The game will feature both support gems that can be socketed with multiple active skill gems, and meta-skill gems that are inserted directly into main sockets and which can also be inlaid with several active skill gems.

All these innovations allow you to count on an interesting game experience with new PoE 4.0 builds to be created for getting maximum fun from the game.

Path of Exile 2 skill tree changes are promised to be shown a little later during 2022-2023, as well as other improvements. Equipment, character models and animations will also undergo major changes. The developers promise full compatibility of all microtransactions made before.

Path of Exile 2 for newbies — time to start?

Without a doubt, the release of the second part of the game is a great way for newcomers to download Path of Exile 2 and join this harsh world of dark fantasy. The fact that the game is distributed through the free-to-play system also contributes to this.

New characters, a new plot and a lot of new mechanics, the convenience of which the developers are actively working on — all this becomes an ideal occasion to launch the game not only for beginners, but also for experienced players who, for various reasons, stopped playing the first part of the game.

We think, if you are a returning player — it’s a perfect time to play first part to refresh your skills, while our Path of exile services are always there to let you enjoy the highest results in the game without wasting time and effort.

For those who put PoE on the back burner for a long time, there is a great opportunity to get acquainted with the game without feeling like they have fallen out of the experience with the first part.

Grinding Gear do not just update and refresh existing material, they literally give the game a second wind, which will help attract a large number of players.

For our part, we will keep our finger on the pulse and inform you of all the news regarding the release of the game. In our blog you will find Path of Exile 2 reviews and guides — of course, when it actually comes out. So, stay tuned with us!

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