Zelda: Breath of the Wild Multiplayer Mod Is Available

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Breath of the Wild (BotW) multiplayer mod has been made a reality. All thanks to PointCrow, AlexMangue, and Sweet. Thus, you can now enjoy Nintendo’s masterpiece with friends and family. 

PointCrow is one of the most popular Zelda YouTubers. Renowned for his creative playthrough and challenges, he has provided the gaming community with countless hours of fun and entertainment. In a recent Twitter post, he unveiled a groundbreaking multiplayer mod for BotW that has taken the Zelda community by storm. With it, players are able to collaborate with their friends to conquer challenges and experience the game in a whole new way, injecting a fresh dose of excitement into the already beloved 2017 release.

The Origin of the BotW Multiplayer Mod

Can be traced back to a significant event — PointCrow’s announcement of a $10,000 bounty. Inspired by his challenge, AlexMangue and Sweet rose to the occasion. And today, players can invite their loved ones to join their Hyrule adventure as their own respective Links. They can see each other battle with enemies and interact with the surroundings, from normal environments to those in dungeons. The introduction of the multiplayer mod has opened up untouched frontiers in the vast and immersive world of Hyrule. Players are in for an innovative chance to explore the vast realm of Hyrule in a fresh light of brand-new adventures.

While this is no less than an impressive achievement, there is still room for improvement. In PointCrow’s initial video, there were some synchronization issues with the time of day for each player. Furthermore, when a player perishes, their Link character model A-poses in the sky before reappearing. Some other problems include issues with character models when multiple Links climb a tree or ride a horse to the same location. However, these are all minor. And they should not detract from the incredible achievement of the developers.

The release of this mod has generated a lot of excitement among Breath of the Wild fans. It provides another path to experience the game previously only available in a single-player format. PointCrow has uploaded several videos of himself and his friends having a great time together on the shared fields of Hyrule. The most recent video showcasing the mod has already received over 1.5 million views. Unfortunately, it’s no longer accessible now.

The multiplayer mod for BotW has brought back fond memories of The Legend of Zelda: Four Swords Adventure. In addition, with Tears of the Kingdom coming in about a month, fans are asking if a similar mod can be made for the highly anticipated sequel. Nevertheless, it’s hard to say for sure, since the game has yet to be released. 

It remains to be seen if Nintendo will take legal action against said mod, as they have been known to shut down many fan-made projects in the past. However, for now, fans may savor the moment and experience their favorite game like never before.


And so it was not unexpected, PointCrow was unable to avoid Nintendo’s eagle sights. Initially, all of his Breath of the Wild videos were completely blocked. But after the content creator appealed, his videos were reopened. However, they could no longer be monetized.

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