Exciting Details Revealed for the Tribes Summer Kickoff Tournament

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Get ready for a thrilling summer of intense first-person shooter action! The North American Star League (NASL) has recently announced the highly anticipated Tribes Summer Kickoff Tournament. Fans can mark their calendars and prepare for an exhilarating competition as the full rule set and broadcast schedule have been unveiled. In this article, we will dive into all the exciting details surrounding the tournament, including dates, format, rules, and prizes.

Countdown to the Tournament

The Tribes Summer Kickoff Tournament is set to commence on Monday, May 15th at 6pm PDT. This tournament promises to be a whirlwind of adrenaline-pumping FPS activity, as teams battle it out to prove their dominance over their opponents. The competition will feature a series of intense rounds leading up to the semi-finals, which will be played online and broadcasted live from the prestigious E3 event in June.

The Ultimate Showdown in Toronto

The teams that survive the semi-finals will have the incredible opportunity to compete in the NASL Grand Finals, which will take place in Toronto, Canada. HiRez Studios will be flying these exceptional teams to the finals, where they will have the chance to compete for a generous $10,000 prize pool. The stakes are high, and the competition promises to be fierce as teams vie for the title of the first professional Tribes: Ascend team to be crowned champions at the NASL finals.

The Broadcast Schedule

For fans eagerly awaiting the tournament, the broadcast schedule is here to help you catch all the action live. Here are the key dates and times for each round of the competition:

Round Day Date Time

Ro32 – Part A Monday May 14th 6pm PDT

Ro32 – Part B Wednesday May 16th 6pm PDT

Ro32 – Part C Thursday May 17th 6pm PDT

Ro32 – Part D Sunday May 20th 6pm PDT

Ro16 – Part A Monday May 21st 6pm PDT

Ro16 – Part B Wednesday May 23rd 6pm PDT

Ro16 – Part C Thursday May 24th 6pm PDT

Ro16 – Part D Sunday May 27th 6pm PDT

Quarter Final Monday June 4th 6pm PDT

Semi Final A Tuesday June 5th 11am PDT

Semi Final B Wednesday June 6th 11am PDT

Grand Final Sunday July 15th TBD

The Rules of the Game

To ensure fair play and intense competition, the tournament follows a set of rules. Here are the key rules of the Tribes Summer Kickoff Tournament:

Teams have a 15-minute grace period after the scheduled start of a game.

Teams may choose to forfeit or play shorthanded after the grace period.

Ringers are not allowed; players must be on the team’s official roster for the tournament.

The game mode for the tournament is Capture the Flag (CTF), with the objective of being the first to capture five flags.

Each round lasts for 24 minutes, with a 120-second warm-up period.

Class Composition and Weapon Restrictions

Strategic team composition and weapon restrictions are vital in the Tribes Summer Kickoff Tournament. Here are the guidelines for class composition and weapon usage:

Each team is allowed one sniper.

Certain weapons are restricted, including the Jackal, Smoke Grenade, Plasma Gun, and Future weapons will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.

Acceleration Patch Update

To ensure a fair playing field, all content included in the Acceleration patch is competition-ready, except for the previously banned items such as Short Fuse Grenades for all classes and Rockwind SMG.

Vehicles and Regions

The tournament allows the use of specific vehicles, each with its own price and limitations:

Shrike: Price – 9,000 credits, Limit – 1 per team being flown.

Tank: Price – 6,000 credits, Limit – 1 per team being piloted/manned.

Grav Cycle: Price – 1,000 credits, Limit – 2 per team.

The tournament will be played on the USE region, ensuring a level playing field for all participants.

Map Pool and Selection Process

The Tribes Summer Kickoff Tournament offers a diverse selection of maps to test teams’ skills and strategies. The map pool includes Raindance/Tartarus (the newest map), Katabatic, Crossfire, Arx Novena, and Dry Dock. The map selection process is as follows:

Each team can vote one map.

Sides are decided by a coin flip, ensuring fairness in gameplay.

The order of map selection is randomized.

Ties and Overtime

In the event of a tie after regulation and overtime periods, both teams will be awarded a win. The competition cannot end in a tie, and a map will be randomly selected from the pool for further play. Each team will also have the opportunity to veto one map, and sides will be determined by a coin flip.

The Tribes Summer Kickoff Tournament promises to be an action-packed event filled with intense battles, skilled gameplay, and nail-biting moments. With a generous prize pool and the opportunity to compete in Toronto, the stakes have never been higher for Tribes: Ascend teams. Make sure to mark your calendars and catch all the live action as the best teams compete for glory in this thrilling tournament.

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