Tribes: Ascend Makes a Grand eSports Debut at NASL

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Tribes: Ascend Makes a Grand eSports Debut with NASL's Largest Tournament

In an exciting turn for eSports, the North American Star League (NASL) has rolled out its next big move. It’s welcoming Tribes: Ascend, the acclaimed first-person shooter (FPS), into the competitive eSports landscape. This strategic introduction signifies the game’s first appearance as an FPS in NASL’s rich repertoire.

NASL’s Summer Kick-Off Tournament: A Gaming Extravaganza

As part of the initiation, NASL has unveiled an exhilarating summer kick-off tournament for Tribes: Ascend. Enthusiasts across the eSports community are buzzing, as this spectacle promises a tantalizing prize pool worth $10,000. With a traditional bracket format, the tournament promises edge-of-the-seat action, set to culminate at the E3 convention this June.

NASL Season 3 Grand Finals: A Culmination of Thrilling Competition

The lucky finalists will have the privilege to showcase their gaming prowess live at the NASL Season 3 Grand Finals. Set to occur in Toronto this July, the atmosphere promises to be electric, marking a grand conclusion to what is set to be the largest Tribes: Ascend tournament yet.

Registration Now Open: Opportunity Awaits

For teams ready to dive into this competitive landscape, the registration gates have swung open. Teams can secure their spots in this thrilling tournament. But they’ll need to act quickly – the first round commences on May 14!

A Word on the Collaborators

This tournament is a collaboration between NASL and Hi-Rez Studios, the creator of Tribes: Ascend. Hi-Rez Studios, based in Atlanta, GA, has been shaping the online interactive entertainment sphere since 2005. Meanwhile, NASL, a prominent eSports broadcaster headquartered in Southern California, has been instrumental in propelling eSports awareness and participation on a global scale.

This union promises to bring exciting new dimensions to the world of eSports. Make sure you don’t miss out on this thrilling gaming event!

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