The First Descendant: payment delay of Caliber explained

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In a recent Dev Chat stream, lead designer Lee Beom-jun addressed the frustrating payment delay of Caliber. Apparently, the servers were overloaded with too many people purchasing microtransactions at once.

The First Descendant: payment delay of Caliber explained

Nexon’s third-person looter shooter, The First Descendant, is still in its rocky debut week. Despite early success and a growing player base, the game can’t help but grapple with several glaring issues. Among them is the delay in delivering microtransaction purchases to players, particularly regarding Caliber, a currency that allows Descendants to fast-track their in-game progress.

Nexon was quick to apologize and roll out compensation plans for affected players. And in the recent Dev Chat stream, lead designer Lee Beom-jun further explained the factors that contributed to said frustrating situation. According to the on-stream translation, he said:

“There are a lot of things I need to apologize for. First of all, there was a delay in the payment of Caliber from the first day. The number of purchases was so high that the server was overloaded, so it took a long time for us to process it. We should have prepared well in advance, but we’re very sorry that we couldn’t.”

— Lee Beom-jun, The First Descendant’s lead designer

You may want to watch the whole 29-minute video in full. After all, Lee also discussed many other interesting topics such as ongoing development, PS5 optimization, beta test and Twitch drops issues, among many others:

How has your experience been in The First Descendant? Are you encountering frustrations with bugs and crashes, or are you thoroughly enjoying the game? Let us know all about it in the comments!

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