A New Chapter in Online Gaming: NASL Debuts Tribes: Ascend Show Matches

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A New Chapter in Online Gaming: NASL Debuts Tribes: Ascend Showmatches

The digital gaming cosmos is on the cusp of an extraordinary shift. The North American Star League (NASL) is preparing to broadcast the inaugural show matches of the highly acclaimed Tribes: Ascend, a game that’s captivating audiences with its rapid-fire, dynamic gameplay.

This long-awaited event will be live-streamed on NASL.tv. The action ignites with the Open Beta version of the game on Wednesday, February 29th, at 8 pm PST, and the excitement continues into the following day, March 1st. Prepare to be enthralled as the virtual arena sets the stage for a riveting showdown!

International Gaming Titans Clash in Tribes: Ascend

This groundbreaking event will witness some of the most formidable gaming teams from Europe and North America clashing in a virtual battle arena. These include titans like ZFZ, Tao of Tribe, Grumpy Old Vets, Working as Intended, Boats n Hoes, Area 51, Stack n Hack, and Deadstop. The global gaming community will be tuning in as these eSports veterans are shout casted from the NASL studio, ensuring a thrilling display of skill and strategy.

Ascending Heights: Tribes: Ascend Emerges as eSports Phenomenon

Hi-Rez Studios’ newest sensation, Tribes: Ascend, is carving a unique path in the dynamic eSports landscape. Renowned for its blend of agility and precision gameplay, this game is crafting a new definition of eSports. “The fusion of speed and dexterity is our recipe for an immersive gaming experience,” remarks Todd Harris, the esteemed COO of Hi-Rez Studios.

The Open Beta version of Tribes: Ascend has garnered a remarkable user base of over 350,000 gaming enthusiasts. With a footprint spanning North America, Europe, Australia, Brazil, and Asia, it is demonstrating the essence of a global gaming community.

NASL Enhances eSports Portfolio with Tribes: Ascend

NASL announces a powerful addition to its eSports repertoire – Tribes: Ascend. “Our platform is now even more vibrant with this captivating FPS content,” expresses an enthusiastic Russel Pfister, CEO of NASL.

The integration of Tribes: Ascend reflects NASL’s perpetual drive to augment the eSports experience. This milestone underlines the league’s unwavering commitment to offer top-notch content that is rewarding for both eSports participants and viewers around the world.

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