Blizzard President Reached Level 100 in Diablo IV

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Blizzard President Reached Level 100 in Diablo IV

Blizzard President Mike Ybarra has joined the ranks of level 100 players in Diablo IV’s normal mode. 

The remarkable feat was achieved almost two weeks after Diablo IV was officially released on June 6. He opted for one of the most popular builds lately: Whirlwind Barbarian. Notably, this is also the build chosen by two World First champions on both the Softcore and Hardcore versions of the game. 

Ybarra shared his entire journey on his Twitch channel. 

Ybarra’s ambition and thirst for adventure do not wane, even after attaining level 100. He has expressed his intention to continue actively playing Diablo IV. The President aims to further enhance his character’s equipment, engage in thrilling PvP battles, conquer the formidable dungeons, and more.

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