Diablo IV World First on HardCore and Softcore

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Diablo IV World First on HardCore and Softcore

In a thrilling display of skill and determination, cArn and Rob2628 have emerged as the frontrunners in the race to Level 100 in Diablo IV

Blizzard has yet to make any official confirmation. However, according to the rankings on d4race.com, cArn has claimed the top spot on the Hardcore leaderboard. Meanwhile, Rob is indeed the victor in the Softcore race.

Diablo IV World First on HardCore and Softcore

Interestingly, both of the World First champions are Whirlwind Barbarians.

Rob endured a grueling path to reach Level 100 on June 4. His whole journey clocked in roughly 54 hours of gameplay. Rob slept for only 8 hours throughout approximately 62 hours since the game launched its early access phase. This means they had an almost non-stop run outside of sleeping.

Similarly, cArn did not evade the fate of sleep deprivation, either. After an astonishing display of endurance, streaming for over 70 hours within a mere four-day span, they triumphantly achieved level 100 on Hardcore mode on June 5.

With thunderous applause, let’s celebrate our champions’ remarkable feat! As for other brave contenders, the chance to make their marks on the list of the first 1000 to reach level 100 in Harcore mode still stands. Thus, having their names forever engraved on a statue of Lilith in real life.

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