Diablo 4 Gear System: Guide to Achieving Legendary Power

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Diablo 4 Gear System: Guide to Achieving Legendary Power

The relentless journeys through Sanctuary persist, witnessing the burgeoning horde of demons multiplying in numbers and amplifying their strength. Yet, they will never stand a chance before the Wanderers. Why? Because it is impossible to defeat a Barbarian or Sorcerer in magic armor that grants them insurmountable prowess. In the realm of RPGs, there exists a steadfast principle — you are what you wear. Legendary items, powerful weapons, and fabled accessories make you a force to be reckoned with. Thus, to aid you on your adventure, we have prepared a complete guide to the Diablo 4 gearing system. So, let your steed rest its hooves in the stable, come into WowVendor tavern, and delve into the knowledge that awaits.

All About Diablo 4 Loot System and Rarity

Diablo 4 uses the colors loot system as in the previous parts of the franchise. Each color indicates a different quality and rarity of the items:

The higher your level and World Tier are, the more likely you are to get rare or legendary.

How to Gear Up in Diablo 4

The main task of all heroes is to find equipment to enhance their character and manage to survive the whole ordeal. So how to gear up in Diablo 4? What are the most efficient ways that will grant you the most decent items? Read on to find out.

Clear Dungeons

The map is full of dungeons, be sure to go down into them. Often they resemble each other, and it’s easy to get lost inside because of the recurring assets. But the reward is great — fame, gold, aspects, and legendary equipment. The dungeons with the biggest loot are Caldera Gate, Dead Man’s Dredge, Mercy’s Reach, and Osgar Reede. As in every other instance, the final boss always houses the best items, so make sure to defeat him and reap the rewards you deserve.

Random Events

You’ll get a big chest upon completion. Also, clearing strongholds is advantageous. For example, in Kor Dragan, almost all monsters are above level 25, and you get the first big loot from them.

Complete quests

Quests are often rewarded with special equipment. For example, you’ll receive Vigo’s Protecting Amulet after completing the final questline from the first act. This amulet reduces the overall cooldown, gives resistance to all elements, increases health, and protects from the death blow. It’s important to note, however, that it’s irreplaceable in Hardcore Mode.

Clear Open-World Content

Keep in mind that this is primarily an ARPG, so there’s no avoiding the grinding — you will have to slay thousands of demons, and bosses and clear hundreds of dungeons in the open world in the hope of finding rare and legendary items. But rest assured, for the stronger you become, the more World Tier you can farm. And the World Tier has a direct impact on the chance and amount of drops.

How to Get Legendaries in Diablo 4

Almost all of the gearing mechanics in Diablo 4 are random. In every  ARPG, there is a certain chance for a certain loot to drop from the enemies. The only exception is when you can obtain. Legendary as you progress through the campaign.

“New legendary aspects and unique items are not limited to the seasonal realm. They’ll be made available on the eternal realm as well as part of the same release” – Joseph Piepiora, game director of D4, says on Twitter.

It’s good news, so players can choose between seasonal and eternal realms, like in Path of Exile, without missing out on any new content. The developers will be launching a pre-patch just before the release of the Season 1 on July 20, which will allow you to familiarize yourself with the innovations.

Rarest Legendaries in D4

Enemies become considerably stronger at higher levels, but the equipment you obtain also bolsters your power. In Sanctuary, you can find the best armor pieces and weapons like Ancient or Primal in the third part. The developers have reported that such equipment is extremely rare and could take a long time to find. In addition, there are a few notes about them that you should take into account:

Currently, we have only six extra rares in the game: Doombringer, The Grandfather, Ring of Starless Skies, Andariel’s Visage, Harlequin Crest, and Melted Heart of Seling.

Diablo 4 Crafting System

In each installment of the series, Nephalem can upgrade their equipment and fight off demons more effectively. Diablo 4 also has a crafting system that allows you to get stronger with consumables, upgrades, gems, and legendary powers. Let’s talk about each system in order.

Diablo 4 Enchanting

It’s designed to allow the heroes of Sanctuary to increase Item Power for +5 each upgrade up to five maximum times. Enchanting increases stats based on rarity, and each upgrade will require specific materials and gold.

Diablo 4 Upgrading

Three other upgrade options in D4 that will make your character stronger:

All of these activities are handled by the NPCs located in the cities of Sanctuary.

Diablo 4 Itemization and Affixes

Every item is designed with thought and attention to its characteristics and affixes. Here’s the general Diablo 4 itemization information you should know:

The developers have taken a big step towards Path of Exile in itemization, where players can craft BiS through crafting and various consumables.

Best Gear Strategies in Diablo 4

It all depends on the game style you choose. For example, you should look for X% All Resistances and Legendaries with defensive properties if you don’t want to see your character dying every minute. Upgrade your weapons and look for special affixes providing +X% Damage to Enemies if you want to deal more damage. Some of the best gear strategies in Diablo 4 are:

The gear system is not as complicated as it sounds. The more levels you gain and the items you have, the easier it is to figure out all the affixes, stats, resistances, and other bonuses that grant your character boosts.

General Summary About Gear

Merely possessing the best in slots in your inventory and randomly pressing buttons will provide little assistance in conquering challenging dungeons and high-level content, unless you have powerful builds to back your character up. If you ever find yourself in trouble creating a perfect build, then don’t hesitate to reach out to our professionals at WowVendor. These mighty Wanderers are always ready to aid you on your adventure.

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