Top Rarest Destiny 2 Emblems You’ll Probably Never Own

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In any online game, there are items that fans love to collect. Whether it’s skins for characters or weapons, trinkets, emotes, pets, or anything else. In Destiny 2, most players love collecting emblems.

Everyone wants to get the rarest emblem and then brag about it to their friends. Bungie knows this and likes to give them out for a wide variety of player achievements. That’s why there are incredibly rare emblems that only a few people could receive. Some of them you can still get, while others, are no longer obtainable. Today we will talk about Destiny 2 rarest in-game emblems. We will make this list more interesting by including emblems according to various parameters. We are finishing the lyrical digression and moving on to the article’s main topic!

Gorgeous Rare Emblems

Starting with the least rare but very beautiful ones. Many emblems are no longer available, but the conditions or their backstory are sometimes incredibly intriguing. And yet, they are pleasing to the eye, and it would be cool to get one in the collection.

The Levante Prize

Let’s start with the rarest gorgeous emblem in the game. The studio loves its fans very much and therefore came up with an exciting program. Every week they publish TWAB on Bungie’s website, where they post the best art and video compilations of their choice. In the case of The Levante Prize, only 264 people have it, and it’s one of those hard-to-get emblems in Destiny 2. Bungie gave it for winning the Fashion Shows, which happened in the third year of the game’s life. In our opinion the most graceful and attractive emblem to look at!

Metagalactic Bloom

Bungie loves charity, and this emblem is all about that. You can get different rarities for various contributions, and Matagalactic Bloom is one of them. The last time it was available in 2022 at the Bungie Day Giving Festival, where players who raised $2,500 received it. You could do a good act and show other guardians your contribution.


The community considers this to be one of the most unique emblems in Destiny 2 to get. Users had to be at the GCX 2021 online event and find seven secret ghosts to receive it. Each ghost was in a different area of the event, like looking for secrets on a tower. You can find out more about this here.

Scientia Illuminata

The wonderful emblem is in the form of a starry sky with clouds. What could be more sentimental? Most Destiny influencers handed it out at the end of August 2022, and quite a few people were able to. Yet only 3,719 people have this emblem, which is less than 0.1% of the entire game community. Right now, that’s one of the hard-to-find emblems in Destiny 2, so if you get it, you’re incredibly lucky.

Burnt Edges

Burnt Edges has a funny backstory. The thing is, Bungie gave it to people who bought official Destiny toasters. Yes, this is not a joke. One day they put up official toasters, and you could get the emblem with slices of bread on it. More than 5,000 people have received it, which makes this item one of the most successful D2 merchandise.

The rarest emblems

We looked at the most beautiful, and now you can look at the rarest. There are also many stunning ones here, but only selected players have all listed. Interestingly, you can still obtain some of them, but it will not be easy.

Humanity’s Chosen

A very mysterious emblem that an unknown number of people have. That makes Humanity’s Chosen the rarest Destiny 2 emblem on the list. How so? Good question. According to, only three people received it! It’s impossible, you say, and it’s true. This emblem should be given personally by Bungie to those who are a positive voice in the game community. In theory, more people should have received it, but there is no exact information about this.

Forum emblems

An emblem that moderators of the Bungie Forums can obtain. We have brought these cosmetics into one category since there are many of them, and most of them are available only for 40–100 people. We don’t know what the moderators received in the fifth year. Nevertheless, for example, the rarest emblem of the fourth year is Nyctophobia (38 people). You can say this is the rarest Destiny 2 emblem reward by far.


Another emblem that every winner of the Fashion Contest at the Festival of the Lost 2022 could receive. There are 67 lucky people in total, and you can clap them as we move on.

Hallowed Coronation

The classic skull with a crown is the perfect example of an ideal emblem. It was available to artists who submitted their work during the Festival of the Lost 2022. As a result, only 133 people have it.

Donation Emblems

We’re back to charity because there are many emblems for supporting a Bungie foundation. One of the rarest is Core of the Nova, which only 59 people received. To acquire it, you must raise $10,000 at the Bungie Foundation in total. Who knows, maybe there will be a separate emblem for $100,000 support in the future?

Available rare emblems

Now let’s talk about those that you can still get. The information from the list will likely become less relevant in a couple of months, but let’s not rush with our conclusions.

Outside the Lines

As we said earlier, Art of the Week is published weekly at TWAB. And this emblem is given to those lucky ones who fall into this category! So if you’re a great artist, try your luck with one of the exclusive emblems in Destiny 2.

And… Action!

The following rare emblem comes from Movie of the Week. So even if you are not very good at editing, at least no one stops you from trying.

Rogue Polymer

Time for emblems that you can get by purchasing something in the Bungie Store. Who doesn’t love hats? Bungie thought the same way and made Beacon’s Guidance Hat. However, you can only buy it if you have completed Beacon’s Guidance triumph. And we recommend you hurry. That’s one of the Destiny 2 special edition emblems!

Archivist’s Key

Given the massive lore of Destiny 2, it’s no surprise that Bungie began to publish books about this universe. Recently Destiny Grimoire Anthology Volume V: Legions Adrift was released with an exclusive emblem. Who doesn’t dream of getting both a book and a rare emblem for $25?


Season of the Seraph got new triumphs. One of them will grant you a Robot Dog in H.E.L.M. People liked it so much that Bungie decided to make Archangel Dog Plush, which has a good emblem in the package.

Rare in-game emblems

The last category is where all the emblems you could obtain in the game are. Many of them are incredibly rare, and some were in Destiny 2 limited edition emblems, so be sure to check them out!

Wish Ascended

Many will never forget Day One of Last Wish. For a total of 24 hours, only two teams could complete this Raid, which is incredibly small. Even now, this Raid is considered the most difficult due to overloaded mechanics. We can only imagine how hard it was for these 12 people to go through this activity.

Heavy Is the Crown

Although this Raid is far from the most difficult in Destiny 2, only 516 people received the emblem on Day One. Why so? Bungie decided to release the Crown of Sorrow after only 6 hours after the start of Season of Opulence. Needless to say, it was almost impossible to upgrade your light during this time.

Dive into Darkness

Another Day One emblem, this time for the Garden of Salvation. This Raid also became a test for many, but the reason was completely different. Firstly, global changes in the game’s sandbox, to which it was necessary to adapt. Secondly, the contest mode and the difficulty of the Raid itself.

Master Guide

Master Guide emblem is available to everyone right now. Raids have a feature called Guided Games. Advanced players can participate as guides, and you must complete 50 Raids this way to earn emblems. The main problem is that finding people for Guided Games is almost impossible. But if you have plenty of time and nerves, we can only wish you good luck.

Bungie Bounty events

Bungie sometimes holds special events where you have to get caught in the same lobby with a particular streamer. You must fulfill special conditions to receive this one, depending on the activity. For example, in Crucible, you must either win on the same team as the streamer or defeat him. One of the rare emblem drops in Destiny 2.

And this is where our article ends. Quite a lot of emblems, but now we want every single one for ourselves. If Bungie introduces more rare emblems in the future, we’ll be sure to add them here. In the meantime, we recommend our Destiny 2 emblem boost service, with which you will receive a bunch of different emblems, including rare ones!

Thanks for reading. Owl is flying away!

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