Destiny 2 March 2024 Update: Solar and Strand Changes

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The latest TWID from Bungie revealed Destiny 2 ability changes that are coming this March.

Destiny 2 Update Solar and Strand Changes

Players are eagerly awaiting major changes in Destiny 2 this March, as Bungie will update Destiny 2 Ritual weapon rotation in Season of the Wish with new guns for Nightfall, Iron Banner, and Trials of Osiris. Today in TWID, the development team presented an incredible amount of weapon changes in PvE and PvP, which will take some time to digest until the update’s release.

Now, we’ll discuss no less significant ability changes, which will also greatly affect the game.

Strand Ability Changes

For your convenience, we’ll break everything down in order, starting with Strand. Let’s start with briefly describe the main changes point by point:

No more changes are currently planned for Strand, so Titans can continue to rejoice!

Solar Ability Changes

Despite the general popularity of Solar among all other Subclasses, Bungie decided to make important changes to improve it:

Final Words

Yes, there were relatively few changes, but you have not yet seen what Destiny 2 PvP Changes will be in March, including Guardians HP and their abilities adjustments. And if you have seen them, we recommend preparing for serious battles by making a cool Hunter armor set in the style of Helldivers. Otherwise, don’t forget about the comments, where you can ask questions or inform us about the article’s inaccuracies.

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