Silver-Only Shader Available for Free until Next Week

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Silver-Only Shader Available for Free until Next Week

In recent times, Destiny 2 has introduced a range of cosmetic items that can only be acquired with real money. Many players have repeatedly expressed frustration and disappointment with Bungie for prioritizing Eververse, the in-game store, over offering cosmetic items they can earn by playing the game itself. Nevertheless, once a week in Eververse, you can manage to grab some rare items for Bright Dust, which is only available for Silver.

The Luminous Void shader, which transforms the color of any item into a combination of gold and purple with the second color shimmering like Calus’s Royal Nectar, has become available this week. You are able to purchase the shader for 300 Bright Dust on the main page until January 23. As soon as the weekly reset happens, the shader will be available only in Eververse for Silver. You could wait until it reappears in a few months, but it may not.

Luminous Void shader

Below, you can take a closer look at how Luminous Void looks on some weapons, armor, and transport. We recommend taking your chance and getting it now!

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