Destiny 2 RoN: More Than 45,000 Raid Completions in Two Days

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Destiny 2’s Root of Nightmares (RoN) saw over 45,500 unique team completion during its two-day Contest Mode. The impressive numbers certainly surpassed the clears from all the other raid races up to that point by a considerable margin.

The duration of Lightfall’s first raid’s Contest Mode was doubled to 48 from the standard 24-hour timeframe. The developers’ intention was to let more players be able to complete the instance. Yet, the increased timeframe alone cannot explain the numbers’ staggering difference. As reported in the RoN World First race coverage, Team Hard in The Paint only needed over two hours to finish their run. While usually, the World First races take about 10 hours or more. For example, completing the Last Wish raid took players about 18 hours. In Root’s case, the participants were quick to decipher the mechanics. Reportedly, some teams even finished it over 20 times during the 48-hour window. Thus, gazes are turning towards the raid’s shorter length and simplified mechanics of the final encounter.

The RoN came out amidst waves of conversations surrounding the augmented challenge level in Destiny 2’s activities. For instance, certain players have discovered that the Mars Battleground Nightfall and the revamped Lesector are notably more arduous than their prior versions. Yet, the expansion’s very first raid is being deemed the game’s easiest one.

If you’re interested in reliving the World First Race, don’t hesitate to pay our comprehensive coverage a visit. Additionally, our Root of Nightmares guide is a must-read for anyone curious about the raid’s contents. You will find not only lore and story, but also weapons, armor, loot table, tips, encounters, and more.

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